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Be a Hands-On Mixer

  01/15/12 15:59, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Studio Sound, Ed Lapple, Take It From Me, Sound Advice , Tags: _b_ roll, dan grigor, edward lapple, live music_ call for info, nonlinear video editing, video editing software

Take It From Me
by Edward Lapple

I just finished editing a music video for entry into a competition and I was struck by how much I missed some of the analog technology that used to be at our fingertips. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the new digital toys! I’d be as quick to give them up as I would to leave Photoshop behind and return to smelly chemicals in dark rooms. I’m glad to have experienced it, but I’m even happier to be freed from the drudgery.

My current gripe concerns limitations imposed by nonlinear video editing systems that offer no control surfaces other than a mouse and pad.

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Dan Grigor Gets Shot in the Head

  11/16/11 18:44, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Sound Advice , Tags: feedback, grigor, iem, in-ear monitors, jerry harvey, jh audio, noise cancellation

Sound Advice by Dan Grigor

I’ve had another adventure I’d like to share with you. I now have a custom set of JHAudio In-Ear Monitors and I gotta tell you it has been a wild ride but the sound… the sound… it is as clear as a bell. Every nuance, every note, every rest, every breath… it’s like having the band playing the song in your head. It’s like an angel tinkling in your ear.

There is a story though… let me start at the beginning.

Click through to hear all about it . . .

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Complete Tascam Recording Package Giveaway

  06/17/10 12:30, by , Categories: Studio Sound, Contest or Giveaway , Tags: all-pro sound, digital recorder, giveaway, recording studio package, tascam

Register until June 25 at All-Pro Sound for a chance to win a Tascam
recording studio package valued at $969.96, including:
DP-008 Portable 8-Track Digital Recorder
TM-78 Studio Condenser Microphone
VL-M3 Powered Stereo Monitors
HP-VT1 Stereo Headphones
Just Click Below (and send us your recording when you win)!

Tascam Recording Studio Package Giveaway

Wild Tricks - Les Paul and Beyond

  06/09/10 00:32, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Sound, Studio Sound, Ed Lapple, Take It From Me , Tags: bfmn exclusive, edward lapple, joe walsh, les paul, take it from me

Wild tricks in the recording studio are the stuff of legend. Musicians in the know will whisper about how the latest hottie got his sound. Ever since Les Paul invented the multi-track tape recorder, there have been arcane secrets of the recording black arts. As these secrets are divulged and they become commonplace, the studio Merlins must return to their lairs to conjure ever-different effects. Here are some classics.

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The Angry Mix

  05/17/10 01:45, by , Categories: Welcome, BFMN Exclusive, Live Sound, Monday Morning Musical Musings, Paul Bourgeois , Tags: blue monsters, blues, gig, mix, music, sound
Paul BourgeoisOk! I’m going to rant and rave and complain about some technical problems the band “The Blue Monsters” has been having. Some people might find it instructive. I just need to get this crap out of my system before I explode.

Just so you understand, the sound man’s job is to set up the levels and actively monitor a gig because the songs keep changing. Sometimes certain instruments have different settings, are stronger in the mix, sometimes the vocals are softer, the dynamics are different. Sometimes there are harmonies. The sound man’s job is not to entertain girls and drink up the musician’s beer. So you are about to bear witness to an actual band problem right now! Enjoy.

Click to see the “technical” problem…

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Peeking In the Holes

  05/14/10 03:38, by , Categories: Sound, Studio Sound, Ed Lapple, Take It From Me , Tags: bfmn exclusive, ed lapple, fcc, mixing engineer, signal, solid state logic, volume

Hey sports fans! I’m back and we are going to take another look at some potential problems with levels that may be hiding in your holes and your DAW can’t even spot them. But have no fear, I’ll let you know how to spot them and – you’re going to like this – the answer will be FREE! Some people don’t care for four-letter words and others use them so often that they are a kind of ebonic punctuation, but one four-letter word that should appeal to all of us, in today’s economy, is free.

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San Diego Springfest 2010 Opens Yesterday with the USAF Mobility Band

  05/08/10 12:15, by , Categories: Festivals and Events, BFMN Exclusive, Live Sound, Bands , Tags: allied gardens, barefootmusicnews, dan grigor, mobility, san diego, springfest, usaf, wakitu

SpringFest in San Diego opened yesterday for two days of music and fun in the park. Allied Gardens was alive with the sounds of kids of all ages as Faded Natives opened the show. By the time Mobility hit the stage the beer garden was full and blankets and chairs emptied out onto the grass as people got up to dance.

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