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School's Never Really Out for Alice Cooper

  04/15/13 05:26, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Contest or Giveaway , Tags: alice cooper, dark matter, graphic novel, kickstarter, orianthi, todd moyer, tom sheppard, uncle alice presents

By Dan Grigor

When I first heard about this project I debated with myself for a while about running the press release or an article.

A) It is a Kickstarter project. I am inundated with folks who would like a little ink to help raise money.
B) It’s Alice friggin’ Cooper! Aside from just running the press release, could I come up with an angle no one else has done on Alice?

Since it is Alice Cooper I can get past A) because I think he’s doing it right. B) was a little more difficult…

I thought to myself… Oh! I know! I’ll start out with a catchy headline. Something like “School’s never really out for Alice Cooper.” Then I could rehash all the bizarre stage stuff and put in some pics of Alice in full makeup. Ok, let’s see what have other folks done… searching… reading… Damn. OK… What else could we do… Back to the basics I guess.

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Berkleemusic, Vai Go for Guiness Record with Free Online Guitar Lesson

  02/03/11 16:48, by , Categories: Guitar, Music News, Featured Artist, Contest or Giveaway , Tags: berklee college of music, free guitar lesson, steve vai, steve vai online scholarship fund

Berkleemusic, the online continuing education division of Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music, along with Grammy®-award winning guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, today announced a call to action for guitarists around the world to join forces and set the Guinness® World Record for the largest online guitar lesson on March 3, 2011. This first-of-its-kind initiative will bring together the worldwide community of guitarists in an unprecedented online celebration of music education.

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CONTEST - Free Tickets - Invites to VIP Launch Party for Stanley Clarke's Roxboro Entertainment Group Label

  01/25/11 18:59, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Dan Grigor, Featured Artist, Contest or Giveaway, Video , Tags: dan grigor, kennard ramsey, lloyd gregory, roxboro entertainment group, stanley clarke, the federal bar

We really had a great time hanging out with Stanley and have the interview videos just about ready. Part One will post later tonight but for now I’d like to let you know about our little contest. While we were there, I wrangled a few VIP invitations for the launch party and private live performance event for the launch of Stanley Clarke’s new Roxboro Entertainment Group label, named for his Philadelphia high school. The first two artists on the label are guitarist Lloyd Gregory and multi-instrumentalist Kennard Ramsey; their just-released albums are available now (just click on their names for the link). The next two artists are scheduled to release albums this spring: renowned keyboardist Sunnie Paxson and Ruslan Sirota, pianist, arranger and keyboardist on The Stanley Clarke Band.

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Complete Tascam Recording Package Giveaway

  06/17/10 12:30, by , Categories: Studio Sound, Contest or Giveaway , Tags: all-pro sound, digital recorder, giveaway, recording studio package, tascam

Register until June 25 at All-Pro Sound for a chance to win a Tascam
recording studio package valued at $969.96, including:
DP-008 Portable 8-Track Digital Recorder
TM-78 Studio Condenser Microphone
VL-M3 Powered Stereo Monitors
HP-VT1 Stereo Headphones
Just Click Below (and send us your recording when you win)!

Tascam Recording Studio Package Giveaway


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