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Dark Globe “The Long Sleep” - A Reawakening

  06/10/14 12:45, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Review, Steven Rask , Tags: american sound studios, cd release, dark globe, long sleep, pink floyd, rock band, san diego, steven rask
A review by Steven Rask The turn of the century has seen a resurgence of comebacks from bands that were once on top of their game. However, when a band decides to make a “comeback album,” most attempts fail. Most times, critics ask,  “Why the hell would… more »

Rock and Roll High School Reunion at the Casbah in San Diego

  01/31/11 21:20, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Review, Steven Rask , Tags: dark globe, deadbolt, san diego, scheming intelligentsia, steven rask, the dragons, the front
A Review by Steven Rask Photos by Kathleen Tolen Being part of the San Diego music scene in the mid-1980s was a great time. Age 20-something, exploring life, getting a grip on reality while still coveting those youthful days just a few years ago.… more »

A Band By Any Other Name

  08/07/10 20:07, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Review, Featured Artist, Awesome Nobodies , Tags: of sons and ghosts, san diego, signature sound, steven rask, the casbah, the soda bar
A Review by Steven Rask Imagine your favorite local band; the sound they produce, the way the music seeps into your subconscious. You have all their releases, you anticipate their next album, and their next show. Then, without warning, you’re told… more »

Faded Natives Live From San Diego Springfest 2010

  05/13/10 15:41, by , Categories: Welcome, Music News, Festivals and Events, Bands , Tags: allied gardens, faded natives, george reeves, san diego, windmill farms
For the second time in as many years Allied Garden’s own Faded Natives rocked SpringFest San Diego. This year it was different. This year they opened for Mobility on the Windmill Farms main stage. They played their part and got the crowd pumped up… more »

San Diego Springfest 2010 Opens Yesterday with the USAF Mobility Band

  05/08/10 12:15, by , Categories: Festivals and Events, BFMN Exclusive, Live Sound, Bands , Tags: allied gardens, barefootmusicnews, dan grigor, mobility, san diego, springfest, usaf, wakitu
SpringFest in San Diego opened yesterday for two days of music and fun in the park. Allied Gardens was alive with the sounds of kids of all ages as Faded Natives opened the show. By the time Mobility hit the stage the beer garden was full and blankets… more »

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