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Last-Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers for Guitar Players

  12/02/10 23:54, by , Categories: Beginner , Tags: bfmn exclusive, dan grigor, guitar stand, guitar strap, guitar t, interactive t-shirt, musician christmas present is really designed for guitar players. Some of our topics and technical jargon may be weird for others to read. Maybe you are not one of us, but you love one of us. We are not easy to get along with, are we? We like to be the center of attention, our creativity makes us absentminded and oblivious and music is a permanent mistress. It can be difficult. Count your blessings; it’s easier than living with a drummer.

We really do love you and appreciate you coming to our gigs and holding the jackets and sitting at the table talking us up to the drunks while we are on stage. We get it that you have heard all our jokes and have listened to the same 20 songs over and over and over again. Thank you. No, seriously, thank you!

Click through for ideas to make your favorite guitarist’s holiday brighter!

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Only Two Kinds of Musicians in the World

  11/11/10 22:50, by , Categories: Don't Suck at The Blues, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Sound Advice , Tags: bfmn exclusive, dan grigor, jamming, player, read music, sound advice

There are only two kinds of musicians in the world. Which are you? Which would you rather be? Let’s find out.

Let me explain what I mean. I have been trying for some time to get a little band together just for fun. I really do prefer my solo show but there is something very cool about being part of a sound that comes from a really tight band, and a lot of the songs I write are not really meant for just guitar. Anyway, in the course of auditioning artists, I am reminded of exactly what the difference is between the two types of musician.

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Monday Morning Blues - Grigorian Chance plays Diggin Holes

  09/13/10 04:36, by , Categories: Don't Suck at The Blues, Monday Morning Blues, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor , Tags: 12-string, blues, blues in d, blues in e, dan grigor, gregorian chants, guitar, key of e, music, sister grizzly, tom grigor, tuned down

Grigorian Chance is a pet project I have on going with my son, Tom, who lives in San Francisco. Whenever he comes down we try and do a recording. He is the guitar player in an awesome indie band there, “Sister Grizzly.” Check ‘em out on YouTube. Playing guitars with my son is one of those things in life that is special for so many reasons. He is so talented and we push each other a little. It’s good for us.

To really understand the play on words, google “Gregorian chants.”

Click through for your Monday Morning Blues video playlist…

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The Pentatonic Scale – A Pent Up Tonic for your Soul - Part 1

  04/01/10 01:17, by , Categories: Don't Suck at The Blues, Beginner , Tags: 7th, b7, blues, bobby mcferrin, chord, dan grigor, flat, major, minor, patterns, pentatonic scale, scale, scales, snake

I wanted to explain how the pentatonic scale is an innate aspect of our beings. I wrote and rewrote 500 words. OK, who are we kidding? It was more like 800 words or so about this scale and how it has become a part of us. Then I found this, where, at The World Science Festival in 2009, Bobby McFerrin, using no words at all, performed an amazing display of how ingrained it is in us:

Click through for an amazing video and a little Al Bundy too…

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A Little Monday Morning Blues - Any Tme You Want - A New Song

  03/01/10 03:30, by , Categories: Beginner, Monday Morning Blues , Tags: any tme you want, barefootmusicnews, blues jam, buitar, dan grigor, monday morning blues, new song

My good friend, Ed, is going to be interviewing Shane “The Original One” O’Brien for us at We got together for a JAM and a plan. While Shane was there we shot a promo video for him. As long as we had the lights on we left the cameras running. We have a few songs we’ll be posting.

This first one is my new song “Any Time You Want,” a soft 2 chord blues played on Shane’s cool 3/4-size Republic steel-string.

Click through for the video


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