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The Autopsy of the Show

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One of the most important and imperative things you can do as a performer in the digital age is to watch your show the next day. It is so easy now to set up a camera in the corner, run a cable to the board and BAM! you can actually see your show from the other side of the stage.

When I was, I dunno, 15 or so, I was hanging around at a Sam Ash in New York trying to play with and learn from everyone that came in. I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but you could go in, grab a guitar and plug it in and start playing blues progressions. Some bass player over in the corner would join in, somebody would fire up a keyboard and open the door to that room; same with a drummer or a conga or a horn or another guitar guy. I’m telling you it was something. We just hung around and played music all the time. There were days they were lined up in front, dancing on the sidewalk.

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Open Mic Night Blues Makes Me Happy

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In our continuing efforts to get you off the internet and out there playing music live we have visited a few JAM nights. This article is not about that. This one is about Open Mic Nights.

What’s the difference? Generally speaking, it is simply what it says: an open microphone on a stage in front of people. People get up there and play a song, read a poem, tell a few jokes or whatever is right for the venue and their talent.

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A Sweet Little Sound Check Teaser From Bedell Guitars at NAMM

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A little teaser for the upcoming piece on Bedell Guitars.
We’ll have an interview with Tom Bedell and show off his cool guitars.
Stay Tuned!

Get Up, Get Out, and JAM, Part 3: Ponderosa Bar and Grill

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It wouldn’t be honest to just tell you success stories. Sometimes Jam nights don’t work. It doesn’t mean that it was a bad Jam or a bad bar or a bad night. Sometimes there just aren’t enough listeners to go around. Local bar and grill owners are hit hard in this economy, just like everyone else. They count on an ever-shrinking entertainment budget of working stiffs who can afford a few beers and maybe a dinner night every so often. If their food is great they will be able to pay expenses; if the sale of booze can pay the rent and provide profit, that is a successful bar. That is also hard work. Once such local eatery, Ponderosa Bar and Grille on Shadel Rd. in Menifee,CA. has been a measured success over 17 years of service in the shape of great down-home food, reasonable drink deals, plenty of pool tables and great entertainment. With live bands and dancing Friday and Saturday, and karaoke Sundays and Thursdays, Ezra at the Ponderosa has been providing a great stage and dance floor to top local bands and tours, helping to hone a generation of young bands’ talent and professionalism.

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Get Up, Get Out, and JAM, Part 2: BaBa's Jam

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Welcome to the next segment in our ongoing effort to promote playing some music with people you don’t know while making new friends and great memories.

Another fun thing about Jams is how they can make any special occasion extra special. On this occasion we celebrate our friends’ anniversary. Fifteen years they’ve been together and BaBa, who hosts a regular blues jam, was delighted to lend her famous jam to celebrate.

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