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John Evans: An Evening with "The Beat Generation" and The Sunnie Paxson Quartet

  08/14/15 23:39, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Dan Grigor, Review , Tags: Beat, Ginsberg, Kerouac, WordJazz, doug webb, jazz, john evans, kulaks woodshed, sunnie paxson

When I was a kid I had the obligatory crazy uncle. As a matter of fact I had a wacky Aunt and Uncle. Aunt Edie and Uncle Hank. They were delightfully nuts. They were artists, he a sculptor, she painted in oils. He made vases and beautiful art pieces. She drew fences you could drag a stick along, they were so real. They were political activists and campaigned for McGovern. They flashed peace signs and wore fringe. Well not Hank. Every day he wore slacks, a short-sleeve button-down dress shirt and tie over his bit of a belly, to go with is black horn-framed glasses; of the first hipster generation he was. They were called beatniks then. Aunt Edie in her barrette and peasant skirts and campaign buttons he in his hornrims and big black shoes haunted local poetry bars and open mics where, often, their art was displayed. They were talented, outspoken and quite successful. Brooklyn, from their art studio, was beautiful then. Brownstones and falling leaves, little shops and gin joints and, to us from the suburbs down to visit for the weekend, it was magical.

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Black Queen Speaks ... with BFMN

  05/01/12 00:31, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Bands, Review, Carox , Tags: black queen speaks, brett michaels, carox, house of blues, houston, interview, photos
Carox from Houston, TX

Photos and Review by Carox

Carox of BareFoot MusicNews caught up with Black Queen Speaks after their show as support band to Brett Michaels at the House of Blues, Houston.

Black Queen Speaks is a very popular Houston band whose members are: Pez Lopez (Gabriel Lopez III), bass guitar; D2 (Vik Day), guitar; Mike Blas, vocals/lyrics; Josh Skiffington, drums; and Ryan Korn, guitar.

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Kennard Ramsey, Somos at Roxboro Launch

  03/02/11 12:18, by , Categories: Guitar, Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Dan Grigor, Featured Artist , Tags: dan grigor, federal bar, kennard ramsey, launch party, roxboro entertainment, somos
Kennard Ramsey album SOMOS

You may not know his name but I guarantee you have heard his music. Kennard Ramsey has contributed to some of our favorite movies, television shows and commercials.

His friendship and collaboration with Stanley Clarke spans decades. When Stanley started his label, Roxboro Entertainment, he convinced Kennard to record his own music and share it with us.

We had the opportunity to hear it first-hand, up-close and personal, and I had the best seat in the house.

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Part Three of Our Fascinating Conversation with Grammy Winner, Bassist Stanley Clarke

  02/14/11 10:46, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Dan Grigor, Featured Artist, Bass, Video , Tags: bfmn exclusive, grammy winner, interview, stanley clarke_ dan grigor, video

Well here it is, the last installment of our awesome interview. I had so much fun! What a thrill it was to play with Stanley Clarke, and his musical advice is second to none.  Before we get to the interview, I would like to take a moment to congratulate the entire Stanley Clarke Band for their Grammy win: Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the year! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people. They worked hard, they played well and they won.  Without further ado, here is the last segment of an amazing interview with the Grammy-winning – and very gracious – Stanley Clarke.

Don’t miss Part One and Part Two! Here is a link to our Entire BFMN Stanley Clarke Collection which will be updated to contain the interview and videos from the launch party.

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BFMN Exclusive - Lloyd Gregory Live from Roxboro Label Launch Party

  02/05/11 21:45, by , Categories: Guitar, Electric, BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Dan Grigor, Featured Artist, Video , Tags: lloyd gregory, master byong yu, roxboro entertainment, stanley clarke, sunnie paxson

I had the pleasure of meeting guitar virtuoso Lloyd Gregory at Stanley Clarke’s label launch party for Roxboro Entertainment Group.

Lloyd is one of the premiere artists on the Roxboro Label.  Talking in the green room for a moment we found a soft-spoken gentleman relaxing a bit before the show. He talked with us briefly about his new CD and his Roxboro cohorts and then they took the stage.

Played to a packed house his easy style, reminiscent of Wes Montgomery yet distinctly Lloyd Gregory, flowed effortlessly through two beautiful guitar songs. His flow and exuberance caught on and the all-star band, including fellow Roxboro artist Sunnie Paxson, played the songs as if they had been playing together for years.

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Part Two of a Fascinating Conversation with Bassist Stanley Clarke

  02/04/11 01:00, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Dan Grigor, Featured Artist, Video , Tags: bfmn exclusive, dan grigor, extraordinary bassist, kennard ramsey, lloyd gregory, roxboro entertainment group, ruslan sirota, stanley clarke, sunnie paxson

To meet Stanley Clarke is one thing, to get to play music with him is entirely different. He’s really not that much older than me but I’ve been listening to his music since I was a kid. Musically he added a whole new dimension for me to play with at a time when I was really bored with riff rock bands and the pentatonic blues. Somehow him stepping out in front as the bass player encouraged me to be… Me more. Does that make sense? After listening to Return to Forever songs and the Stanley Clarke Band, I felt like I no longer had to try and make my music sound like everyone else’s.

Click here for Part One if you missed it!

Click through for Part Two and see Dan Grigor and Stanley Clarke play Run

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Stanley Clarke Launches his New Roxboro Entertainment Label

  01/28/11 11:01, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Dan Grigor, Featured Artist, Bass , Tags: dan grigor, part one, return to forever, roxboro entertainment group, stanley clarke, video
Stanley Clarke talks with BFMN's Dan Grigor

Well, after much hair-pulling and hardware issues, here, finally, is Part One of our video interview series on the extraordinary bassist Stanley Clarke.

It’s funny how things happen. We were originally supposed to meet with Stanley Clarke at NAMM. The interview would likely have been a cattle call with guys like me, one after the other, asking the same questions and all ending up with somewhat dry footage of talking heads with the impossibly loud convention going on in the background.

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