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Practice Makes Ready

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There is a thing I do every day and I have been doing it for a really, really, really long time. I add a third “really” now that I just had a birthday.

I’m pretty sure that means that I have been playing guitar, very nearly every day, for 50 years. Even during the years of raising kids and having a “real job,” part of my income was earned giving guitar lessons or playing local gigs, so I have practiced my guitar a little every day.

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Monday Morning Blues - Grigorian Chance plays Diggin Holes

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Grigorian Chance is a pet project I have on going with my son, Tom, who lives in San Francisco. Whenever he comes down we try and do a recording. He is the guitar player in an awesome indie band there, “Sister Grizzly.” Check ‘em out on YouTube. Playing guitars with my son is one of those things in life that is special for so many reasons. He is so talented and we push each other a little. It’s good for us.

To really understand the play on words, google “Gregorian chants.”

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Very Good, Not That Good, Pretty Good

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No matter what you do you can’t make everybody happy, so quit trying. This is particularly true with music. Just forget it. I don’t care who you are, what you play or how good you are. It can’t be done.

It is also true that if you put music on the internet and open up a discussion, you’d better put on your asbestos jumpsuit because it’s gonna get ugly. Case in point: I recently made a music video for a song called “Run.” One of my projects is “The Green Screen Trio,” where I play all three parts. In this video I only played two. The song wasn’t even a song yet, just a jam. I had fun making it and I posted the video on YouTube. Then I posted a link to it on with a goofy headline for my friends to see.

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Your Amplifier Salesman Is Lying to You

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Edward Lapple

When the friendly man in the music store smiles reassuringly at you and says the 1000-watt, 8-speaker monster stack that you are about to finance is the hottest amp in the world, Watch It! He’s Lying. When your session bud tells you his ‘57 Tweed Twin is the mellowest amp that there is, he’s lying.

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Monday Morning Blues with Dan Grigor and the Green Screen Trio

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by Dan Grigor

This video really isn’t so much green screen as it it composite but it was still a challenge to shoot and edit. Once we had a setup with the jib and the lights and the background that we liked it took, on and off, 4 days to edit the 6-camera, 2-day shoot.

This is so much fun to do. Perfecting the system is a journey. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Part of the Monday Morning Blues series and you can find a play list of all of them here. It is a great way to start your week. Make it a part of your Monday morning.

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