It’s the Theatre of Death 2010…

…they keep killing him…

and he keeps coming back…

Alice Cooper performed during the first day of Sonisphere Festival 2010
at Knebworth House on 30 July, 2010 in Stevenage, England

Photos by Moonshayde Photography

Alice Cooper ‘dies’ four times onstage at Sonisphere

Photos by Moonshayde Photography

Alice Cooper Official Website

Set List: School’s Out (Part) / No More Mr. Nice Guy / I’m Eighteen / Wicked Young Man / Ballad Of Dwight Fry /
Go To Hell / Guilty / Cold Ethyl / Poison / From The Inside / Nurse Rozetta / Be My Lover …

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Holly Hellraiser

I love the pictures of Chuck (Bass Guitar). He is totally my favourite member of the Freak Show that is Alice Cooper. :)

08/18/10 @ 03:32