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Tasty Guitar Riffs from NAMM 2010 #3

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I am having so much fun making these. What a thing it is to walk around this event with hundreds of instruments playing. Guitars jamming and drums drumming, horns blowing and amps crackling, a flute, a cello, a guy with a wacky pedal sound; it is a delightful cacophony of tones, timing and snippits of tunes.

Walking down the row, you hear bits and pieces of songs, melodies you recognize without the lyrics, and stuff you have never heard before as folks punched out their favorite spiffy riff. Down this row is a rockstar rocking, down that aisle a nobody kicking his ass. Listening for the song in the room, I found that it was all one big jam. Instruments everywhere all tuned up so you could stop just about anywhere grab a thing and play along.

I was surprised when I realized more people weren’t taking advantage of their locations. When I played downstairs at the Trev Wilkinson’s Fret-King booth, just across the aisle was a conga booth. That guy joined in my songs and it sounded very cool. That Conga Guy, I never spoke to him, I didn’t know him, I will likely never set eyes on him again. We played together for 3 or 4 short jams and it was cool. I love stuff like that. Intimate moments with strangers, on a slightly out-of-tune 12-string electric in a loudly-crowded room. Priceless.

Without further delay, I present to you Tasty Riffs #3 from NAMM 2010.
With licks from:
Anton Oparin, Carol Kaye, Dan Grigor, Featured on Fridays, George Moore, Mark Goffeney, Orianthi, Steve White, Tallan Noble Latz, The Jager Girls and The USAF Mobility Band.

Stay Tuned! There’s more.

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