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NAMM 2010 - Day Three Wrap up

  01/24/10 00:48, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, NAMM 2010 Music , Tags: d-100, grigor, latz, littlekidsrock, namm, oparin, t-man, tallan, usaf mobility band

First thing this morning I caught a set from the USAF Mobility Band. They were rockin' so I shot it before coffee; that's how much I love you. I grabbed another BarefootMusicNews World Exclusive Interview with Jason Cale, the guitar player, right after their show. You can check him out at MySpace and I will post the show and the interview when NAMM is over. We still have one more day.

Another great day at NAMM2010 as your eager investigators from stormed the floor.

Frank and I played just about every guitar Daisy Rock Guitars makes and we have that for you. Awesome guitars FOR GIRLS! We have a big surprise planned for this; I can say no more.

We chased down Tallan Noble Latz and got him to interview Catfish Butler, then Tallan played. We have him melting your face from the big stage.

Catfish has a great podcast interview with Tallan. Get to know this kid. He is amazing!

He was part of an outstanding show put on with the help of NAMM-sponsored Little Kids Rock, an amazing organization that is dedicated to putting music back into schools. They provide free musical instruments and instruction using popular music styles, including rock, blues, rap and hip-hop and more. 1,200 schools, so far, have benefited from a Little Kids Rock program.

Seek out this great charity and get involved. Send them money, teach there or something, and tell your friends that LittleKidsRock. They take money, did I say that?

Next we have Anton Oparin. We couldn't get through the crowd to talk to him but I am posting this video which speaks for itself. I do this, my friends, not only to encourage you to give to the cause, but to motivate you to GO PRACTICE YOUR GUITAR!

We have other surprises in store and as soon as we are done tomorrow - and maybe take a day to sleep - we'll be madly editing video and writing stories that will make it feel like you were there... well, not really. It is just too much. You have no idea. We will show you a lot, pictures and videos of all kinds of stuff, but there is no possible way we can cover it all. It is WAY cooler than it sounds and the sounds in there are very cool.

One casualty: one of our still cameras was taken; we think it was from a table where we were shooting video at the Warwick booth, behind the stage. It is a Canon Powershot A650 and she loves it.

It is full of pics of Frank and me and cool guitars. If you have it, please give it back no questions asked or email me the pictures. Here is the tough part. It was my wife's camera. Later that afternoon I was interviewing an Anaheim cop about something else and he confided in me that he was working the Con because his wife wanted him to clean the garage this weekend. I told him I lost my wife's camera and he said, "Oh man! Want me to shoot ya? "


Stay tuned.

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