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Later On the Second Day of Bloodstock...the Sun Shone

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There’s just too much story and too many great band photos to cover a full day of Bloodstock in just one post!

Read the story, enjoy the photos of Bloodstock Day One: Part One and Part Two, and First Part of Day Two.

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Today’s not-to-be-missed photosets: Click here to see photos of Obituary;
Here for AmorphisHere for MordecaiHere for Devin Townsend ProjectClick here for Fear FactoryClick here for Children Of Bodom

Obituary handed out some epic volume despite initial problems with the singers microphone for mid afternoon - the US death metallers were the loudest and heaviest of the day so far.

Many people were either flagging by this time or simply fed up with the rain showers and the beer tent was kept busy until Amorphis called upon the sun god  and stopped the rain (for a while). They drew a good crowd to watch a brutal set which covered a good smattering of the band’s back catalogue. Singer Tomi’s inventive microphone stood up to the challenge of his vocals and being dealt a whipping by his flying dreadlocks.

Mordecaiare a band I’ve seen a few times and every time they get better and I like them even more. Providing some heavy classic rock in the dark gloom of the Sophie Lancaster stage – the one with the pillar on the middle of the stage – another band that deserves a bigger stage.

Devin Townsend Project were, for me, the band of the day – Devin entertaining the audience with his metal stand up routine while the stage crew sorted out the technical problems, bringing smiles to many faces and the sunshine along with him. Once things got going musically Devin gave out a superb performance, technically, musically,vocally and facially – brilliant! Really should have been the headline band even if he thinks he sucks!

The long queue for Devin at the signing tent showed just how well he went down at Bloodstock. We caught up with Devin in the press tent afterwards where he managed to ‘acquire’ several packets of our potato chips – while Moonshayde was called to go and take photos of Amorphis being interviewed in the backstage tattoo parlour prior to getting tattoo work done.

Fear Factory continued to impress me with a set covering their recent album as well as previous material - already tight from their set at Sonisphere they followed Devin Townsend’s stellar performance in style.

Sun was setting as Children Of Bodom closed out the day on the Dio stage swathed in red light and smoke entertaining the crowd with mock Van Halen and Bon Jovi intros to their own songs. Alexhi coping well with vocals and his guitar in the dark. Anyone wanting a quiet and early night wasn’t going to get it with Bodom playing but we slipped off to the campsite having had enough for the day and kept the earplugs in.

Band of the day: Devin Townsend Project

Hug of the Day: Dino of Fear Factory

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Click here to see photos of Obituary ;
Click here for Amorphis;
Click here for Mordecai;
Click here for Devin Townsend Project;
Click here for Fear Factory
Click here for Children Of Bodom

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