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Dark Globe “The Long Sleep” - A Reawakening

  06/10/14 12:45, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Review, Steven Rask , Tags: american sound studios, cd release, dark globe, long sleep, pink floyd, rock band, san diego, steven rask
A review by Steven Rask The turn of the century has seen a resurgence of comebacks from bands that were once on top of their game. However, when a band decides to make a “comeback album,” most attempts fail. Most times, critics ask,  “Why the hell would… more »

It's a Game. It's a Video. It's a CD. It's The Final Frontier from Iron Maiden

  08/16/10 17:48, by , Categories: Music News, Featured Artist , Tags: cd release, hard rock, iron maiden, metal, moonshayde photography, sonisphere uk 2010, the final frontier
We are on the verge of the long-awaited CD drop for Iron Maiden’s 15th studio album “The Final Frontier.” It is the longest to date, with ten tracks timing in at over 76 minutes. Click here to view the “Director’s… more »

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