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It's a Game. It's a Video. It's a CD. It's The Final Frontier from Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden from Sonisphere UK

We are on the verge of the long-awaited CD drop for Iron Maiden’s 15th studio album “The Final Frontier.” It is the longest to date, with ten tracks timing in at over 76 minutes.

Click here to view the “Director’s Cut” video for the title track (and opening song) from the new album, entitled “Satellite 15… The Final Frontier.”

Click through for more about Iron Maiden

They have also released an online video game (Click here) in which players fly a space version of the band’s Boeing 757, Ed Force One, through various outer space obstacles.

The full tracklisting for the album (total running time 76:35) is:

1. Satellite 15…..The Final Frontier 8:40
2. El Dorado 6:49
3. Mother Of Mercy 5:20
4. Coming Home 5:52
5. The Alchemist 4:29
6. Isle Of Avalon 9:06
7. Starblind 7:48
8. The Talisman 9:03
9. The Man Who Would Be King 8:28
10. When The Wild Wind Blows 10:59

According to their website, the Limited Collectors “Mission Edition” comes in a unique CD case and includes access to bonus content including the Director’s Cut of The Final Frontier video, filmed band ‘Mission Debrief’ interview footage, wallpapers, photos and the exclusive game “Mission II: Rescue & Revenge.”

MTV UK reported that Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson praised the virtues of metal to the Sonisphere festival crowd, saying, “If heavy metal bands ruled the world we’d be a lot better off. There would be more a lot more drinking and a lot more shagging and nursery rhymes would sound like this.”

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