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Catching the Buzz at The Scout Bar

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Photos and Review by Carox

Sunday Night Texas Buzz at The Scout Bar, Houston Clear Lake is always a mecca of talent, hosted by A.D. of the 94.5 Texas Buzz who also plays and supports these bands continually on his show. This night was going to be no different. When I walked in, camera on shoulder, there was a strange, almost hallowed hush of expectation. The members from all the bands were mingling happily and local internet DJ John Janatsch was also miles away from his North Houston roost, just to encourage these boys.

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Super Bowl Sunday or not, The Scout Bar regulars never fail to disappoint. The door swings open and shut constantly bringing local fans, friends and the Central and North folk. There is no concept of a clique here, you just come and enjoy.

The first band up was Inner Image. The current line-up from this Houston band is: Carlos Gutierrez on lead vocals, Brady Wink on bass, Anthony Garza covering Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Javier Mata on Rhythm Guitar and Pablo Cerda on Drums. Their set list was: Juggernaut, Tree-Fiddy, The Scout, For You, The Right Price, Picture, Plastik.

Most of these songs you can download from their ReverbNation, but the in-person attendance is a much better experience. The singer, Carlos, is a buff, energetic singer who knows how to sing so you can hear the words of his songs rather than a steady roar. The music is personable, angry and, in some instances, tender (For You).

By the fourth song it was impossible not to go to straight to the front and rock out. All of the band members are tight, play with great synchronicity so you can hardly see one from the other, smooth. By the time they played The Right Price, the audience was in sync with the heavy, compelling rythmn of the drummer and almost compulsive guitar playing.

After a short break, next up were In Altum. At first I thought they were going to have a slightly different tempo but I soon realised this quintet had a unique style. They began with Question which had almost Floyd/Yes influences. The band members are listed on ReverbNation as James - vox, One - guitar, Andrew - bass, Brandon - drums, Four - percussion. The singer frontman Jim has a haunting, raw voice that has great range from emotional to passionate that draws you in, almost at once, to front of stage.

Their female manager was in the crowd right up front and was proud they were a local band, League City no less. The rest of the set list for the night was: Question, Squander, The Waking, SysiphusPerfect Reflection Too Rudimentary until time proved an enemy. Tight guitaring, and of interest is the one they call “Four,” on this night set at left front of stage, but you need to go to a show to see why this act was so compellingly different.

The final band was Five Eyes Wide, a band I had missed on a prior occasion. So, work or not the next day, I stayed. This band hails from Kingwood, Texas. The current line-up is Chris Conley on Vocals, Stan West on Lead Guitar, Alan O’Bar on Bass Guitar, Lawler on Drums and Paul Montenegro on Rhythm Guitar. By the time they hit the stage they were already a coiled spring about to unleash their super energy on a seriously pent-up crowd. Chris Conley is a very down-to-earth, unassuming person before he hits the stage; then a transformation occurs.

Visually, a very highly synchronised act – as if one beast. Their set list included: Unvail, 8mm, Burn, No Escape, Augmented, Lock N Load, Aftermath, ICU, Fall Like the Rest, Overdue, Joke, WTF. They cut it.

I will be writing more on this band and future bands – from Houston!


Publisher’s Note:
Carox is a prolific photographer and optimistic videographer of the Houston Music Scene. As well as supporting local bands at the drop of a hat, she enjoys her VIP moments and white russians with local and national stars alike. Her credits include being a juried photographer for the New Orleans Jazzfest. Her widely used photos can be found all over the web with her signature byCarox copyright. Carox originally comes from the UK which probably explains everything. We are pleased to welcome her to the team.


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