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We Got Anthrax at Knebworth

  08/11/10 00:04, by , Categories: Festivals and Events, BFMN Exclusive, BareFoot Fotogs, Moonshayde Photography, Featured Artist , Tags: anthrax, hard rock, knebworth, metal, moonshayde photography, sonisphere uk 2010
Click Here For Proof of Anthrax in the UK SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'We Got Anthrax at Knebworth', url : ''}, { button:… more »

BFMN Exclusive Photos of Sonisphere Day One Not To Be Missed

  08/10/10 05:18, by , Categories: Music News, Festivals and Events, BFMN Exclusive, Moonshayde Photography , Tags: delain, europe, gary numan, knebworth, metal, moonshayde photography, sonisphere uk 2010, turisas
Moonshayde was at sold-out Sonisphere UK at Knebworth for an exhaustive three days, capturing images for those of us who could not be there. Today, we bring you four sets in the BareFoot FotoBlog from Day One . . . more »

BFMN Exclusive Photoset . . . MoonShot . . . Alice Cooper

  08/07/10 19:24, by , Categories: Music News, Festivals and Events, BFMN Exclusive, Moonshayde Photography, Bands, Featured Artist , Tags: alice cooper, england, knebworth house, moonshayde photography, sonisphere, stevenage, theatre of death
  Alice Cooper Brings Theatre of Death Tour to Sonisphere 2010 at Knebworth House Click Here Now!   SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'BFMN Exclusive Photoset . . . MoonShot . . . Alice Cooper', url :… more »

Iggy and The Stooges at Hammersmith Apollo

  06/05/10 16:43, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Moonshayde Photography, Bands, Review, Featured Artist , Tags: iggy pop, james williamson, mark taylor, moonshayde photography, raw power, scott asheton, steve mackay
Review by Mark Taylor Photos by Moonshayde Saunders When original Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton sadly passed away too soon in 2008, many felt that the reunion of Iggy Pop & The Stooges was a joyful, short-lived time that would be laid to rest and… more »

MOONSHOT: KISS Photos from Wembley Arena

  05/15/10 17:40, by , Categories: Festivals and Events, Moonshayde Photography, Bands , Tags: kiss, london, moonshayde photography, taking dawn, uk, wembley arena
Our Moonshayde was at Wembley Arena to see KISS and Taking Dawn, the Las Vegas band that opened for them. From what we hear, it was an interesting evening and a great show! It was the last night for KISS in the UK and it seems they were determined to… more »

Sonic Boom Over Europe: MOON on KISS!

  05/12/10 17:33, by , Categories: Music News, Moonshayde Photography, Bands , Tags: 2010 tour, kiss, moonshayde photography, review, sonic boom over europe, wembley arena
I admit it; I’m excited. If all goes according to plan, BFMN’s UK photog “Moon” Saunders, owner of Moonshayde Photography, will be at Wembley Arena tomorrow with a camera in her hand and a guest reviewer at her side. From what we hear, she… more »
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Stiff Little Fingers Launch Tour to Happiest Mosh Pit in Brighton, England

  03/31/10 01:52, by , Categories: Music News, BareFoot Fotogs, Moonshayde Photography , Tags: ali mcmordie, barefootmusicnews, ian mccallum, jake burns, moonshayde photography, punk band, steve grantley, stiff little fingers
by “Moon” Saunders Irish punk band Stiff Little Fingers kicked off their tour at Concorde 2 in Brighton, England March 3rd 2010. Surprisingly, the audience was a mix of all ages, from those who were around when SLF first formed in 1977 to the youngsters… more »
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