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Take Control Over Your Own Sound and... er... Sorry About Being Late

  02/28/11 03:01, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Monday Morning Musical Musings, Paul Bourgeois , Tags: amplifier, harmonica, paul bourgeois, pedal, sound equipment, the blue monsters
Musical Musings with Paul Bourgeois My Monday Morning Musings may be essential to BareFoot MusicNews, and I humbly present this one, though, sadly, a bit late. So, in the tradition of Celtic folk music, I write this letter to explain.  (This story… more »

Your Amplifier Salesman Is Lying to You

  08/03/10 03:12, by , Categories: Edward Lapple , Tags: a440, amp, amplifier, lee de forest, sine wave
 Buying an Amp? They're Lying! When the friendly man in the music store smiles, reassuringly at you and says the 1000 watt, 8 speaker monster stack, that you are about to finance, is the hottest amp i… more »

Let’s Have a Level Playing Field

  05/25/10 15:52, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive , Tags: amplifier, distortion, ear method, edward lapple, signal path, signal to noise level
by Edward Lapple If you are going to record your music, you need to know the basics of proper level setting. Say that you want to record your guitar. What would the signal path be? Well, the strings vibrate over a magnetic pickup; the output… more »
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Lennon Bus Brings Prize Package for Young Bands in NE, DC

  04/15/10 21:37, by , Categories: Music News , Tags: amplifier, band, boss, edirol, high school, john lennon educational tour bus, middle school, percussion pad, roland, roland us
The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus brings Rockin’ Roland Battle of the Bands to Washington DC and New England. If your rockin’ band has a maximum of five members, and ALL are currently enrolled in middle school or high school, you can enter your… more »

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