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Ric Tortorete Checks Out the New Line from Dixon Drums and Hardware

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Publisher’s Note: When I first laid eyes on Ric Tortorete he was dressed like a pirate and sitting behind a wacky mix of drums and electronic drums with two different kinds of sticks. I was amazed at the sound, though, and he proved straight away that he could play. We had fun, playing a Halloween party with a bunch of YouTube fans and friends. Soon after, we started playing together and had a few great gigs; with the addition of Mike Mountain on bass we’re having fun playing blues fusion all over the place. Ric is also a fan of video and I asked him to help shoot at NAMM. It was his first NAMM show, by the way, and his excitement was infectious. When we got there I sprung it on him that it would be cool if he did some interviews. He was nervous but jumped right in. Here is his very first. I think he did a great job and we welcome him to the team. He’s hooked now; it’s too much fun. Enjoy my friend and percussionist’s maiden voyage into the sea of vendors at NAMM. He found a good one right off the bat.

by Ric Tortorete

It was my first year at a NAMM Show. I had always wanted to be a part of the festivities. What a way to experience NAMM, being set loose to interview merchants on their cool stuff for BareFoot MusicNews!

I did several interviews, but I was never so nervous as my first interview with Jim Uding, the US brand director for Dixon Drums and Hardware.

Click through for the video of Ric’s interview

I’d sought out Dixon because of their many years of making quality drum hardware. Now, though, for the first time, they are offering a full line of drums with the Dixon name. There are four series, from Spark for the beginner to the leader of the pack, their totally custom Artisan line. Of course, they still offer their great hardware, stands and racks as well as drum thrones and bass pedals.

Also being previewed at NAMM, and expected to be in stores by March, is their new portable practice drum kit, X Practice. It looked sturdy and, with rubber heads, quiet enough to keep the neighbors happy. On the other side of that was a new drum that was made of combined steel and oak that, as Jim said, “Makes for one really loud drum.”

Thanks again,  Jim Uding and Dixon, for the opportunity to learn about of your full line of equipment. We’re looking forward to seeing just how big a noise they’ll make!


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