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Getting Ready for NAMM 2011

  12/06/10 20:29, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, NAMM 2010 Music, Frank Butler, NAMM 2011 , Tags: carol kaye, dan grigor, deke dickerson, guitar geek, jorma kaukonen, namm
Frank Catfish Butler at 2010 NAMM

So here at, we are gearing up for the 2011 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. It is in January on the west coast and in the summer in Nashville. So what is NAMM?  Well it is not a Vietnam War memorabilia convention. It is a convention for music manufacturers. Companies that make guitars, amps, pianos, drums, strings, cords, microphones, stage lighting-you name it, will be there showing off their latest models to companies that sell these products.

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Demeter Amplification from Tube Direct to Cult Collector Classic

  07/21/10 21:50, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, BFMN Exclusive, Frank Butler , Tags: dave tan, dean deleo, demeter amplification, frank butler, james demeter, namm, tube direct

We ran into James Demeter at the NAMM Show. Interesting guy. He was the guitarist for “The Heaters” back in the 70’s. (That’s him in the center, in the photo at left.) Although he knows his way around a guitar and even built them for a while, he is known more for his amps than anything else. His booth was kind of a green room for his friends, if you will. I heard he didn’t give many interviews as his special line of amps, pre-amps, compressors and other effects gadgets don’t need any salesman standing in the flow of foot traffic handing out flyers to the masses. The biggest artists in my (and your) world use his gear, and they line up to do so. His cutting-edge technology sells itself to those who want and need perfection in delivering sound waves to fans everywhere. At this show, a very limited-edition recreation of the pre-amp whose unique sound was made famous by Dean Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots made its appearance for the lucky 15 who will get to own one.

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EKOs of the Past 50th Anniversary Edition

  06/15/10 14:28, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, NAMM 2010 Music, Frank Butler, Review , Tags: catfish butler, eko, goose jordan, guitar, model 700, namm 2010, review, video

While hitting booth after booth at the 2010 NAMM show, we came across EKO Guitars.

EKO, an Italian company, puts out some really nice guitars with bodies that look like fine art. The best artisans in Europe build them with the finest materials and they come up with some really amazing results. It is like holding onto the guitar version of a Lamborghini or Ferrari: flawless in playability.

Click through to hear the Eko!

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Monday Morning Blues From the Fender Stage at NAMM 2010

  05/24/10 02:20, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, NAMM 2010 Music, BFMN Exclusive, Frank Butler, Dan Grigor , Tags: barefoot, barefootmusicnews, catfish butler, dan grigor, monday morning blues, music, namm2010

Monday Morning again and I have been pretty busy. I was sifting through NAMM footage this week and I learned that there is a tape missing from our time in the Fender room. Great stuff, but it’s all gone. All I have left is the steadytracker footage of the walk-around tour and a little bit of music. On it is a cut we can use for Monday Morning Blues.

The Fender room at NAMM is a spiritual experience for a guitar player. In that room is every kind of Fender, Gretsch, EVH, Guild, Squier and Charvel guitar made. An amazing display of some of the most popular guitars on the planet. We’ll have that video tour for you soon.

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BareFootMusicNews Reviews Hanson Guitars at NAMM 2010

  05/13/10 16:13, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, Frank Butler, Dan Grigor, Review , Tags: barefootmusicnews, catfish butler, dan grigor, hanson guitar, interview, john pirruccello, review

We stopped by the Hanson Guitar booth at NAMM 2010 and met John Pirruccello. He showed us the new line of eight Hanson guitars for 2010. They are gorgeous! We also learned something. Hanson is also a pickup company. They design and manufacture vintage-style electric guitar and bass pickups and electronics. So, needless to say, the pickups in these guitars are custom-wound by Hanson themselves. If the guitars we played are any indication of the quality of tone, you can replace your old pickups without fear. They didn’t reinvent that vintage sound but they somehow manage to deliver it as true as I remember.

Catfish picked up a Cigno and drew a small crowd playing the blues. The convention floor was full of people and once you start playing something, those around you come for a look at the new toys. We had cameras and microphones and tripods so we were already kind of a spectacle – being barefoot always helps – add in Catfish crankin’ out the blues on a vintage-sounding, brand-spanking-new, lacquer-black Cigno, and you’ve got something.

Click through for our review and watch the video to hear and judge for yourself.

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