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by Dan Grigor My buddy Catfish and I were hanging around the Seymour-Duncan booth at NAMM 2010 and ran into HeXx Henderson. I’d never met him, but he and Catfish did a cool interview a year or so ago and they’ve stayed in touch. We had fun…
Published by on 03/15/10
Live from the gig-fx booth at Winter NAMM 2010, HeXx Henderson plays the National Anthem using his Custom Asher Guitar and the Kilo-Wah and V.O.D. pedals from gig-fx. Click through for a great music video of HeXx and the National Anthem.
Published by on 04/01/10
by Dan Grigor While at the gig-fx booth at NAMM2010 with HeXx Henderson we heard that Cisco Robles was going to be there as well. Catfish and I couldn’t resist hanging around and talking and listening to his set. We have a lot in common, Cisco…
Published by on 04/08/10
by Dan Grigor That’s It… It’s All Over Barefoot and a little sore, we walked to the car in the rain. It was cool, the rainwater on my feet and the whole experience of NAMM 2010. I would like to thank the entire population of the convention for putting…
Published by on 01/25/10
The more I watch these, the more I wish I had turned a camera on and just left it on while walking around. As I think back over the sheer number of guitar players in the room I wish I had specifically collected riffs from the aisles. There were so many…
Published by on 05/15/10

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