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It Was Time

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Take It from Me
by Edward Lapple

It was time. I could feel the clicks of the clock more than hear them and that confounded page – well, actually the flat screen – remained nearly blank. I had typed three consonants and a vowel, but that does not a BareFoot MusicNews submission make. It will be morning soon and these electrons must flow to my editor. He deserves them and in a reasonably timely manner. But where is my inspiration for this week’s column? I could lash you with setting levels to within a db of your life or cajole you in to firm cooperation with your fellow band mates, but I am feeling benevolent. You’ve worked hard and we all need some fun. So it’s time for a field trip.

Inside the Author’s WarehouseWhere is our favorite location for a field trip? Yes, you guessed it; it’s back out into the spooky warehouse. It’s so very practical; fuel expenses are nil, the chance of encountering a gendarme are slight and I can grab a munchy as we wheel and make the turn at the Frigidaire. You had better wear your boots, though, because this might just get a little deep.

I had a new girl Wednesday (they never last until Friday) trashing my office. Well, she called it cleaning my desk. She also told me that the best radio station was a local one playing that “Jack-FM” format. That’s the radio programming concept that totally ignores the listener and sounds like a version of Media Player on steroids. It is stuffed full of random pop offerings and a liberal dose of segues that sound like a train wreck, kind of a “Wooden Ships” into “Hell Bound Train” sort of thing. I’d quickly assembled a thought-provoking, eclectic playlist and convinced her that it was my favorite local FM station that we were now hearing.

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Rim Fire Forces Cancellation of Strawberry Music Festival

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The Rim fire near Yosemite has forced the cancellation of the Strawberry Music Festival, an annual bluegrass gathering in Camp Mather that has attracted thousands of music lovers to the edge of Yosemite annually since 1982. They posted the following announcement on their facebook page and website:

We just received the official word from Tuolumne County Community Resources Agency and the Board of Supervisors County of Tuolumne:

“Due to the ongoing State of Emergency and the potential adverse effects of the wildfire on public health, safety and welfare, the County of Tuolumne cannot allow the Strawberry Music Festival to occur at the site as originally permitted on the dates of August 29 through September 2, 2013.”

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Largest Summer NAMM in Five Years Fillls New Music City Center

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A new, state-of-the-art venue, more brands and major buying power built to a lively crescendo as the music product industry converged in Nashville for the largest Summer NAMM in five years. NAMM members celebrated the move to Nashville’s Music City Center conducting brisk business, but also taking in the many opportunities to learn from peers and industry icons, while networking with the leaders of the global music product world.

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School's Never Really Out for Alice Cooper

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By Dan Grigor

When I first heard about this project I debated with myself for a while about running the press release or an article.

A) It is a Kickstarter project. I am inundated with folks who would like a little ink to help raise money.
B) It’s Alice friggin’ Cooper! Aside from just running the press release, could I come up with an angle no one else has done on Alice?

Since it is Alice Cooper I can get past A) because I think he’s doing it right. B) was a little more difficult…

I thought to myself… Oh! I know! I’ll start out with a catchy headline. Something like “School’s never really out for Alice Cooper.” Then I could rehash all the bizarre stage stuff and put in some pics of Alice in full makeup. Ok, let’s see what have other folks done… searching… reading… Damn. OK… What else could we do… Back to the basics I guess.

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A Quiet but Eternal Legacy

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By Dan Grigor

I worked for a while in a little rustic music store in a tiny little town, selling high-school band instruments, guitars, strings and stuff. I also did minor repairs and gave guitar lessons. It was an altogether unforgettable experience with so many stories I really wouldn’t know where to begin.  Until now.

There is a horrible story playing out in a tiny little town near me. You see, the guy that worked there in the tiny little music store, Pete’s Music of Temecula, was beaten and robbed. Apparently, someone came in, tied him up, beat him within an inch of his life, took a guitar and left him for dead. He died. Aside from the obvious, his family and close friends, he leaves behind a quiet but eternal legacy. He was the local Music Store Guy. In case you are unaware of the huge responsibility that is, let me enlighten you.

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Double Gin and Jazz

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Edward Lapple

I’m sitting at the curve in the bar. It’s a well-routed wooden curve, smoothly polished by at least a couple score of bartenders over the years. I glance at my double Tanqueray and tonic and I see the bandstand’s blue stage lights reflected in the sheen of that polish. Outside the winds are gusting up to 50 knots and the intermittent showers come lashing in hard. This bar, called “The Brewery,” is located on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, exit 718 off of the Redwood Highway, State Route 101. A local jazz band, a quartet, troops up onto the stage. It’s not a real strenuous climb, there is only a 6″ riser. Break time is over, so get back on your heads, it’s time for another set. 

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The Autopsy of the Show

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One of the most important and imperative things you can do as a performer in the digital age is to watch your show the next day. It is so easy now to set up a camera in the corner, run a cable to the board and BAM! you can actually see your show from the other side of the stage.

When I was, I dunno, 15 or so, I was hanging around at a Sam Ash in New York trying to play with and learn from everyone that came in. I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but you could go in, grab a guitar and plug it in and start playing blues progressions. Some bass player over in the corner would join in, somebody would fire up a keyboard and open the door to that room; same with a drummer or a conga or a horn or another guitar guy. I’m telling you it was something. We just hung around and played music all the time. There were days they were lined up in front, dancing on the sidewalk.

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