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Tuesday Morning Slept Through Monday Blues

  05/18/10 10:47, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues , Tags: jam at the cam, loop pedal, monday morning blues

I have been trying to have a new Monday Morning Blues song for you each week. This week I had a wacky Monday. Took some time to sleep, then I took a nap and an afternoon snooze, played some guitar with Frank. By the time I got to recording something for Monday morning I was dog tired, it was 3 in the morning and I didn’t have any voice for the song.

Click through for the video

So I thought, “OK, how about an instrumental?” I was thinking about an upcoming JAM at the CAM that I would be hosting on the weekend. I looked around for the loop pedal that I had borrowed from Frank, but couldn’t find it. I sat there in my TV studio wondering “Gee, what could I do?” To make a long story short, this is what you get.

I said to wakitu, “Hey, pick a letter from A to G  and call it major or minor.” She picked B minor. I said, “Hey pick a letter from A to G,” she picked E, and again for G, then F.  So I started with a Bm7th and made the E an E9th. I played them for around 8 go-rounds but I think I lost count at some point. Anyway, then I threw in the G and I liked an F# rather than the F for the turn around. I used a couple of different modes for the solo and they aint all good notes, but overall, having never played that before in my life, not too bad.

I have a new song. I call it “Run.”

The only thing is, I went to sleep and had to record the solo today. So, Tuesday morning gets the blues this week. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Follow the discussion on
If you have never been there you’re in for a treat.


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Funny comments in here: (Great site! Check it out!)
I particularly liked, “Is that a foot, or a third hand?” Hee!

05/18/10 @ 17:09

Groovy jam Dan, it was worth waiting until Tuesday. Keep it up!

05/19/10 @ 11:40
Comment from:

This was a lot of fun. As is the Fark thread. I knew I’d get snarked. That’s part of the fun.
We swamped the server for about 15 minutes when we put up the KISS pics while still getting farked. Both were pounded there for a bit.

To the 30 or so new YouTube subscribers, welcome to the Family! Thanks Drew and company.

05/21/10 @ 14:09

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