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Less Is More, the Importance of Silence

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Edward Lapple

I’m a bass player, at least I’ve been playing at it for four decades now. I’ve tried playing guitar but I have never even been beginning good at it and I always blame my lack of competence on my fat fingers. My fingers just always seemed to mash a couple of strings when chords require individual strings to be pressed precisely. Oh, I could play barre chords all right, but going from an E maj to an F followed by an A min and then a E augmented 7th well, Forgetaboutit! On the other hand, I liked the bass guitar, only four big strings and you played them one at a time, for the most part. Jaco Pastorius I’m not. Heck, Jaco Pastorius I don’t even understand, or Flea for that matter. I can, however, hold down a reasonably solid bass line, or at least I’ve been able to for the last twenty years.

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