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Monday Morning Blues with Dan Grigor and the Green Screen Trio

  06/28/10 03:14, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues, Dan Grigor , Tags: 12 bar, 12-string, am, barefoot, bass, blues guitar, e, e7, grigor, monday morning blues, pentatonic
This video really isn't so much green screen as it it composite but it was still a challenge to shoot and edit. Once we had a setup with the jib and the lights and the background that we liked it took, on and off, 4 days to edit the 6-camera, 2-day shoot… more »

Don't Suck at The Blues - Snake Scales Part 1

  02/07/10 03:30, by , Categories: Don't Suck at The Blues, Intermediate , Tags: barefootmusicnews, blues, dan grigor, guitar, latz, noble, pentatonic, scale, scales, suck, tallan
One of the big differences between a good blues player and a blues player that sucks is the sound of the scales. There is a distinct pattern to the style of fair-to-middlin’ players. It is a natural sound, reflecting the fact that they are still playing… more »
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