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Monday Morning Blues with Dan Grigor and the Green Screen Trio

  06/28/10 03:14, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues, Dan Grigor , Tags: 12 bar, 12-string, am, barefoot, bass, blues guitar, e, e7, grigor, monday morning blues, pentatonic

by Dan Grigor

This video really isn’t so much green screen as it it composite but it was still a challenge to shoot and edit. Once we had a setup with the jib and the lights and the background that we liked it took, on and off, 4 days to edit the 6-camera, 2-day shoot.

This is so much fun to do. Perfecting the system is a journey. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Part of the Monday Morning Blues series and you can find a play list of all of them here. It is a great way to start your week. Make it a part of your Monday morning.

Click through for the video!



This entry was posted by and is filed under Monday Morning Blues, Dan Grigor. Tags: 12 bar, 12-string, am, barefoot, bass, blues guitar, e, e7, grigor, monday morning blues, pentatonic


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Comment from: Edward Lapple
Edward Lapple

It’ an old and rather cheap joke, but Dan takes playing with yourself to a whole new level. While this practice usually requires one hand on the keyboard and the other five fingers engaged, with Dan, the practice is over, and so is the engagement. Dan has thirty fingers actively and simultaneously aggressively caressing your ears and eyes in a musical collage of sensuous sounds and visual contrapuntal motion. Dan is a true chess master at planning the utilization of the screen’s real estate in such a manner that his clever effects choreography is always intriguing and enticing; never boorish and obtrusive. But, perhaps I am getting to wordy, however, it is abundantly clear that this man’s musical musings need to be presented in a far larger venue than here, the public, at large needs to appreciate this genius and then they will cheer.

06/29/10 @ 13:07
Comment from: Paul Stephens
Paul Stephens

This is really cool, what can you say, Dan Grigor = WOW!

08/12/10 @ 06:49
Comment from:

Ok. I recognize the two other guys, but who’s on bass.

11/23/10 @ 04:56

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