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Less Is More, the Importance of Silence

  11/09/10 14:08, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Edward Lapple, Take It From Me , Tags: carol kaye, chordal progressions, edward lapple, less is more, rick marotta, twelve-bar
Edward Lapple

I’m a bass player, at least I’ve been playing at it for four decades now. I’ve tried playing guitar but I have never even been beginning good at it and I always blame my lack of competence on my fat fingers. My fingers just always seemed to mash a couple of strings when chords require individual strings to be pressed precisely. Oh, I could play barre chords all right, but going from an E maj to an F followed by an A min and then a E augmented 7th well, Forgetaboutit! On the other hand, I liked the bass guitar, only four big strings and you played them one at a time, for the most part. Jaco Pastorius I’m not. Heck, Jaco Pastorius I don’t even understand, or Flea for that matter. I can, however, hold down a reasonably solid bass line, or at least I’ve been able to for the last twenty years.

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Your Amplifier Salesman Is Lying to You

  08/03/10 03:12, by , Categories: Edward Lapple , Tags: a440, amp, amplifier, lee de forest, sine wave
Edward Lapple

When the friendly man in the music store smiles reassuringly at you and says the 1000-watt, 8-speaker monster stack that you are about to finance is the hottest amp in the world, Watch It! He’s Lying. When your session bud tells you his ‘57 Tweed Twin is the mellowest amp that there is, he’s lying.

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