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A Software Tool That Musicians Can Use

  04/18/10 02:08, by , Categories: Guitar Players, Review , Tags: amazing slow downer, ed lapple, looping, pitch, recording, review, software tool
Under the category of useful software tools for musicians, you should definitely put a star next to Roni Music's "Amazing Slow Downer."  Here's what it's good for and how it can help you.… more »
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Sharing with Shane - Dan Grigor and Shane O'Brien videos

  03/19/10 04:07, by , Categories: Artist Interviews, BFMN Exclusive, Guitar Players , Tags: blues, cam, dan grigor, ed lapple, frank catfish butler, jam, jamming, lakeelsinorecam, shane o_brien, the original one
Sometime in 2009, right before my annual JAM at the CAM over at, my good friend insists I have to meet this guy Shane. He says to me he is going to bring him to the party and he's gonna knock my socks off. He was right. From the fi… more »

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