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Monday Morning Blues - Grigorian Chance plays Diggin Holes

  09/13/10 04:36, by , Categories: Don't Suck at The Blues, Monday Morning Blues, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor , Tags: 12-string, blues, blues in d, blues in e, dan grigor, gregorian chants, guitar, key of e, music, sister grizzly, tom grigor, tuned down
Grigorian Chance is a side project I have on going with my son Tom who lives in San Fransisco. He is the guitar player in an awesome indie band there "Sister Grizzly." Check em out on YouTube. When ever he comes down we try and do a recording and this ti… more »

The Pentatonic Scale – A Pent Up Tonic for your Soul - Part 1

  04/01/10 01:17, by , Categories: Don't Suck at The Blues, Beginner , Tags: 7th, b7, blues, bobby mcferrin, chord, dan grigor, flat, major, minor, patterns, pentatonic scale, scale, scales, snake
I wanted to explain how the pentatonic scale is an innate aspect of our beings. I wrote and rewrote 500 words. OK, who are we kidding? It was more like 800 words or so about this scale and how it has become a part of us. Then I found this… more »

TootSweet James and Dan Grigor play I Hate The Blues

  03/26/10 19:07, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues , Tags: 12 string, 12-string, barefoot, blues, dan grigor, guitar, saxaphone, tootsweet james, wilderness
One more cut from the Wilderness Blues Set. My new sax player buddy TootSweet James! You can count on more music from us in the future. Check the channel at YouTube or subscribe so you don't miss a thing. Here we go, "I Hate The Blues" (but I love playin… more »

Sharing with Shane - Dan Grigor and Shane O'Brien videos

  03/19/10 04:07, by , Categories: Artist Interviews, BFMN Exclusive, Guitar Players , Tags: blues, cam, dan grigor, ed lapple, frank catfish butler, jam, jamming, lakeelsinorecam, shane o_brien, the original one
Sometime in 2009, right before my annual JAM at the CAM over at, my good friend insists I have to meet this guy Shane. He says to me he is going to bring him to the party and he's gonna knock my socks off. He was right. From the fi… more »

Don't Suck at The Blues - Snake Scales Part 1

  02/07/10 03:30, by , Categories: Don't Suck at The Blues, Intermediate , Tags: barefootmusicnews, blues, dan grigor, guitar, latz, noble, pentatonic, scale, scales, suck, tallan
One of the big differences between a good blues player and a blues player that sucks is the sound of the scales. There is a distinct pattern to the style of fair-to-middlin’ players. It is a natural sound, reflecting the fact that they are still playing… more »
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