Stanley Clarke’s
double bass…

Extraordinary Light
and Sound


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"text-align: center;">Stanley Clarke and Dan Grigor
“For my friend…play just a little of School Days

In the studio: “I write some music here…”
…says the extraordinary bassist with 40 albums and 60 soundtracks to his credit


Capturing special moments with Stanley Clarke for BareFoot MusicNews


Clarke and Grigor discuss the importance of putting musical tools in the hands of young people.
Clarke recently awarded two $12,000 scholarships to high school music students
Zech Hogan (drums) and Jon Williams (guitar) through The Stanley Clarke Foundation.


Stanley Clarke allowed the team from BareFoot MusicNews into his home and studio to discuss the launch of Stanley Clarke’s Roxboro Entertainment Group label, named for his Philadelphia high school. The first two artists on the label — guitarist Lloyd Gregory and multi-instrumentalist Kennard Ramsey — have just released albums


Stanley talked about some special moments in his life and some very special friends…like his “background singer” Aretha, who shared the couch and tunes with Dan Grigor and Clarke as they spoke and played.

The aforementioned tunestress Aretha…such a good dog.

Photos by wakitu
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