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The Voice of Vater on Video

  05/17/12 18:09, by , Categories: NAMM 2012, Ric Tortorete, video , Tags: bebop, bfmn exclusive, namm 2012, ric tortorete, stickmate, vater, video interview

by Ric Tortorete

I could have spent all day playing around in the drum rooms at NAMM. There was so much to see. I had heard about some new toys from Vater. They’re called StickMates and just wait ’til you see these. I hooked up with Mark from Vater and he showed us the cool new stuff. Known more for their durability and comfort Vater sticks always deliver for me personally and though I use others I like the little extra length and durability of a Vater stick.

Click through for more and a video interview!

Vater draws from a rich history of family-made drumsticks. The Vater family has been turning sticks for the best in the business since about 1956. The brand went public in 1991 and they quickly began to live up to their motto, “To produce the very best drumsticks and percussion accessories in the world.” We talked about how they got their great reputation for durability and some examples of what woods to choose for sticks depending on different drumming style to really make it sizzle. We looked at some other new Vater sticks and mallets for 2012. Most impressive? Definitely StickMate! Another great innovation from Vater, this one looks like a winner. We’ll be reviewing them as soon as we can get them on our sticks.

This entry was posted by and is filed under NAMM 2012, Ric Tortorete, video. Tags: bebop, bfmn exclusive, namm 2012, ric tortorete, stickmate, vater, video interview

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