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My First NAMM Show

  01/26/12 14:47, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Review, Shaun McIntyre, NAMM 2012 , Tags: avid, bfmn exclusive, dan grigor, namm 2012, newtek, peavey electronics, peavey_, presonus, shaun mcintyre

Publishers Note: It’s funny how you meet people and you know in a moment they will be a long-time friend. I met Shaun McIntyre when he showed up at my July 4th stage one year with his band “Rural Oddities.” Not one of them over 16 years old and they played their hearts out for about 1000 people and absolutely rocked it. The quiet, unassuming kid with the stars-and-stripes guitar got up and played the Star Spangled Banner during the fireworks and it was a thing of beauty. Grown-ups wept openly. Since then I have enjoyed watching him mature. He plays so well and he’s fun to jam with. He’s been to Pro Audio School and is opening a local label and has been helping us with our shows. He does sound for my band. I’ve counted on him as crew, as a friend, a guitar buddy and a protégé. There was no better choice of crew for the NAMM show. It was such a treat to be able to call him up and tell him he had a pass. Then to see his face as we walked around for his first time. Priceless. I think he has an interesting perspective of the show and we’ve asked him to share his experience with you all. Enjoy!

by Shaun McIntyre

First, please understand a single column is not enough to describe what I’ve experienced in the last four days, and if you’re not familiar with audio or music products in general, a lot of this is going to go right over your head.

Regardless, I had fun, I learned a lot, and I wrote an article about it. Here ya go.

Click through for Shaun’s view of NAMM

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Crafter Guitars, a Video Tour and a 12-string Review

  08/23/11 05:44, by , Categories: Dan Grigor, Review, NAMM 2011, NAMM 2011 Music , Tags: 12-string, alice cooper, crafterusa, dan grigor, floating, home alone, namm

Making and strengthening relationships between local music store owners and distributors are important aspects of NAMM conventions.

Click through for more, with video tours and samples from the Crafter booth!

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A Tour of Jarrell Guitars Booth at NAMM 2011

  06/22/11 17:18, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Review, NAMM 2011, NAMM 2011 Music , Tags: jarrell guitars, jerry miller, seymour duncan, steve cooke, steve pevar, tasty riffs

We always have fun at the NAMM show.

One of the things we do while there is dedicate some time to just wandering around catching snippets of sound for our Tasty Riffs Video Series. While on one of these excursions, Wakitu stumbled upon Steve Cooke and Steve Postell playing at the Jarrell Guitars booth.

It was too good to pass up, so she hung around and shot them, and eventually made an appointment for us to meet with Phillip Jarrell himself to find out about the company and the guitars. They are beautiful to look at and sound good for very good reasons and we wanted to find out exactly what makes them so special.

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Ancient Rocks and Roll - BFMN Reviews Crystal Frets

  04/06/11 15:40, by , Categories: Dan Grigor, Review, NAMM 2011, NAMM 2011 Music , Tags: crystal frets, dan grigor, emilio emilio, guitar, namm, quartz crystal, review
Designer Erich Stone and Capn Flashback of Crystal Frets

One of the coolest things about attending a NAMM convention is that it is the ultimate venue for a new product debut. While there, you not only get to see what’s new, you actually get to play with it.

We found one of the most interesting innovations this year way in the back of Hall E, at the next-to-the-last booth. Crystal Frets was there with a fascinating idea. They have patented a process for making and installing frets made from 100% pure quartz crystals. They are definitely beautiful but we wanted to know if they really make a difference. The short answer is “Yes, apparently they do.” BFMN spent some time at their booth, hosted by none other than the tie-dyed Capn Flashback and the designer Erich Stone. We played all the guitars and shot Emilio Emilio performing for the video below. We had a great time and we’ll be doing more with these guys; they were a lot of fun and the very idea of Crystal Frets resonates with me.

Don’t fret, there’s more! Click through for the video!

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Guild of Quality

  02/23/11 08:01, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Review, NAMM 2011, NAMM 2011 Music , Tags: dan grigor, f-412, guild guitars, namm 2011, review, usa standard

There is something about Guild guitars that I have been trying to put my finger on for a long time. I think I may have found out just what it is that makes them special: a tradition of passionate craftsmanship. There is an Old-World feel to a guitar that is made with the attention to detail of a true craftsman. You can use the same materials, automate the process and make guitars that look like a Guild…and many have. Some even sound good, because making the right choices in materials alone can help make a good guitar. What you can’t replicate is the “feel.”

Click through for a video from the Guild Guitars booth at NAMM 2011

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