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NAMM 2010 interview with Udo Roesner from AER with music by Steve White

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BFMN caught up with Udo Roesner from AER, an acoustic amplification company based in Germany at the Winter 2010 NAMM convention in Anaheim, California. I had a great time interviewing Udo and we have some exclusive video for you.

AER is one of many companies that endorses our good friend and international blues master  Steve White ( With his help they developed a predominantly wooden percussion stomp box which Steve uses in his show as he mesmerizes audiences around the globe.  The stomp box is played with modified shoes with wooden bottoms and gives an amazing sound that helps give Steve the ability to do a “one man show” while on the road. Add to that the other techniques that Steve has mastered with his custom baritone guitar and tapping methods, and he has somehow managed to create a world-class delta-style blues band all by himself.

Click through for the interview with Udo and learn more about Steve White.

It is quite amazing to hear Steve White with AER amplification.  With AER high fidelity acoustic sound amplification, the tone and clarity of what you will experience is second to none. No distortion or feedback.  I can’t emphasize enough that, in this case, no means NO.

I recently went to see Steve White play in person. As I sat back in the audience that evening, I closed my eyes. What I heard was a blues legend sitting on an old front porch of a “shotgun” house deep in rural Mississippi, playing just for me at an arms length away. The peeling paint and the ripped screen on the door didn’t distract me one bit. It was early in the afternoon and the mosquitoes weren’t out yet.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Steve will be demonstrating the stomp box at the European equivalent to the NAMM convention in Frankfurt, Germany next month. He and Udo will be turning heads and dropping jaws there too…

Check out AER The Acoustic People at

UPDATE: Frank, follows up with Steve White in the first interview since his ordeal. We will post it tonight along with a performance video from Steve’s show at NAMM 2010

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