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Monte Pittman on his Super Bowl Guitar, Like a Virgin, It's Practically Unplucked

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by Dan Grigor

We got to know the folks at Jarrell Guitars last year when we brought you the full tour of their line. You can read all about again right here.

Inside the tour video, you will find out how these beautiful guitars are made, and hear about what great tone woods they use. You’ll learn how, with the help of both Seymour Duncan himself and his talented crew, they expertly match  individual pickup characteristics to the particular wood used.  Add the art of Phillip Jarrell and you are certain to end up with stunning guitars. This year is no exception with the addition of  Legendary Rock God, Monte Pittman, to their impressive artist line-up. Pittman contributed his talent, and his understanding of the importance of packing tremendous versatility into a single guitar, to the creation of his own signature Jarrell MPS.

“It’s a subtle difference, but that difference may…mean that you have a guitar part for a song or you don’t.” What may sound great as you’re playing alone, may have to change slightly when played with the band to get that sound to cut through the mix.

He knows what he’s talking about, having delivered incredible guitar work for the best in the business. Today, Monte Pittman will play his brand-new Jarrell MPS at the Super Bowl with none other than the undisputed Queen of Pop and controversy, Madonna. How cool is that?

Click through for the story and a video

So, his story in a nutshell: This guy from Longview, Texas moves to Los Angeles at 24 and gets a job at a local Guitar Center.  He plays pretty well, so he starts teaching. Some “Guy” takes lessons. This guy’s girlfriend is Madonna. She takes lessons. So, first off, he’s the guy that taught Madonna how to play guitar. Next, he joins her for every single live tour since then.

He also played guitar and bass for the industrial rock band Prong. He has been the lead guitarist and music director for Adam Lambert’s live band and toured on the Glam Nation Tour. He has an awesome acoustic album, “The Deepest Dark”  in the Top 10 Best-Selling CDs for the autumn of 2010.

In 2011, his second album, “Pain, Love & Destiny” landed the No. 1 Rock Album, No. 1 Pop Album, and made it into the Top 10 Albums chart for October.  I could go on, but let’s jump ahead to 2012 when he has the opportunity to design a custom signature guitar from one of the most respected guitar builders on the circuit. Then, THEN he gets to play it at the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl! With Madonna!

Impressive, my friend. Your family must be glowing right about now as you float around the house. If they aren’t proud of you, we certainly are.

So here he is, himself, telling you about his guitar and showing you every possible setting  he and the team designed into it. Creating one of – if not the – most versatile electric guitars in the known universe. It isn’t guaranteed that you make it to the Super Bowl if you buy one, but you will have no excuse for not designing a custom sound to drop into whatever song or style of music that comes along – even if it never makes it to a number one song or out on the field in front of millions of people with your very own custom signature guitar shining in the spotlight. Break a leg, Kid.


Publisher’s Note:

Next up after the Super Bowl, watch for Monte with Steve Cooke, an old friend and songwriting partner. They’re finishing up a new album “Mercury Feather.” Out soon you can get a preview with Bad Girl due out on itunes next week. You can check out behind the scenes footage here.


We Got a great link on Come join in the discussion there.

Here’s a shot of Monte’s twitter pic


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