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Monday Morning Blues From the Fender Stage at NAMM 2010

  05/24/10 02:20, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, NAMM 2010 Music, BFMN Exclusive, Frank Butler, Dan Grigor , Tags: barefoot, barefootmusicnews, catfish butler, dan grigor, monday morning blues, music, namm2010

Monday Morning again and I have been pretty busy. I was sifting through NAMM footage this week and I learned that there is a tape missing from our time in the Fender room. Great stuff, but it’s all gone. All I have left is the steadytracker footage of the walk-around tour and a little bit of music. On it is a cut we can use for Monday Morning Blues.

The Fender room at NAMM is a spiritual experience for a guitar player. In that room is every kind of Fender, Gretsch, EVH, Guild, Squier and Charvel guitar made. An amazing display of some of the most popular guitars on the planet. We’ll have that video tour for you soon.

We got there a little late in the day. There were still a couple of people hanging around. The amps were all turned off so we went looking for the acoustics. While we were there, Frank found a pretty lacquer black 12-string and, while he was playing it, some guy asked him to take the stage and play a few songs. So, while he got set up, I looked around and grabbed a 6-string for him as the 12 was really out of tune. I got up there and he said, “You should take the 12-string and we’ll play something.” So right there on the Fender stage, in front of whoever was left there, we tuned up and played a few songs. The tape we’re missing has most of the good stuff but it’s gone. This is all we have left of a great day and a great memory. Everyone there had nice things to say afterwards and we closed the joint. By the time we left we were the last ones out the door. Needless to say, it was an honor and a pleasure to play in that room. All the people we met in there were such terrific players and appreciative listeners; it was wonderful.

We saw and played some really cool guitars and even though we couldn’t play with the amps we managed to entertain the room and ourselves. Like rock stars we swaggered out of the Fender room talking about the lack of sound system and monitors on stage and as we walked past curious eavesdroppers you could tell they were asking each other …. Who’s that?!

Why that, my friend, is Catfish Butler and Dan $%#ing Grigor; they just left the Fender stage.  :D

Stay Tuned! There’s more.


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Frank Butler

That was a fun way to end the first day of Winter NAMM 2010. I heard Dan play that one once with Tim Conaway (of the HIPSHAKERS) and as the song was winding down I wondered if I remembered how it ended. The pause on the 4 was a lucky guess! Don’t you just love when an impromptu unrehearsed jam accidentally works? Me too:)

05/29/10 @ 09:57
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