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HeXx Henderson Plays at Gig-FX from NAMM 2010

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My buddy Catfish and I were hanging around the Seymour-Duncan booth at NAMM 2010 and ran into HeXx Henderson. I’d never met him, but he and Catfish did a cool interview a year or so ago and they’ve stayed in touch.

We had fun laughing, talking with HeXx and Seymour and pickup legend M. J. from the custom shop. We saw him again the next day at the Ibanez booth, hanging around with the great bassist Carol Kaye. HeXx took bass lessons from her and it was great to see them together, like old times. While we were there, Carol gave us a great interview. That will be coming up soon, as well as some impromptu jazz from Carol and a few of her friends. We had an great time and later we caught up with HeXx again at the Gig-FX booth for his demo set. It was awesome! Everywhere we went, there was HeXx, either playing great music or hanging out with legends. How cool is that?

Here is part of his set and we’ll have his Star Spangled Banner soon.

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Click through for the video

HeXx is also in our Tasty Riffs From NAMM #2

We have a little teaser for the Carol Kaye JAM
included in our Tasty Guitar Riffs from NAMM #3

Click Here to check it out!

Did I mention the Jager Girls? They’re in it too.

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