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BFMN Exclusive Interview with Jason Cale, USAF Mobility Band Guitarist

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By the third day of NAMM I was exhausted. NAMM was a nonstop run for us. I got there first and, suffice to say, I was not yet wide awake. I was making a beeline to the coffee in the press room as I walked through the door. I went through the front door by the big stage to find a huge crowd gathered. On the stage was the USAF Mobility Band. They sounded so good and the crowd was so excited that not three feet from the door I dropped my backpack, set up the steady-tracker-cam and headed for the stage.

Click for a video interview with Jason Cale of the Mobility Band.

Their set was tight and right and everyone loved it. I shot most of it, then headed backstage to try to grab an interview. I was immediately thrown out by the stage manager, who was very nice about it but curt and adamant. I hung around in the back until the sound guy threw me out a little further and two big security guys were looking my way. I told them who I was, that I was just waiting to talk with the guitar player and didn’t want to get in the way. They let me hang out just behind the curtains behind the sound booth.

Then, before coffee let me remind you, I grabbed another BareFootMusicNews World Exclusive Interview with SSG Jason Cale, Mobility’s amazingly talented guitar player. Jason tells us about the band and what they do, he shares with us his rig and how he gets his tone, his influences and what it’s like getting paid to be the Air Force’s Guitar Hero.

I’ve seen a couple of their shows now and, take it from me, these guys seriously bring it to every event they participate in. The NAMM show is a particularly daunting show. The crowd there is made up of the cream of the crop of players and music-industry professionals. Mobility commanded the stage and owned the room with a confidence and drive that energized the morning crowd. The coffee guy had to be disappointed with the turnout. As part of the crowd, part of the band or part of the press corps, everyone within earshot had a great time.

Here is the interview and below that is a playlist with great music from The Mobility Band:


Stay Tuned. There’s more…


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