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NAMM2011 Day Two Jammin' with Rock Stars

  01/15/11 11:07, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, NAMM 2011 , Tags: barefoot, grigor_ popular videos, guitar, jerry miller, music, namm, news, top ten, videos, youtube
by Dan Grigor I had a great day Friday. So much fun seeing friends from around the world and meeting new ones we’ll be glad to see again. I played a bunch of guitars today, checked out some new products, interviewed designers, nerds, geniuses and… more »

Very Good, Not That Good, Pretty Good

  09/11/10 15:56, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor , Tags: barefoot, bfmn, comments, dan grigor, fark, greenlight thread, music video, news, youtube
...It is also true that if you put music on the internet and open up a discussion, you'd better put on your asbestos jumpsuit because it's gonna get ugly. Case in point: I recently made a music video for a song called "Run." One of my projects is "The Green Screen Trio," where I play all three parts. In this vide... more »

Not Locomotion, Its Self Promotion

  04/10/10 02:03, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Take It From Me, Bands , Tags: band, barefootmusicnews, cd, ep, grigor, lapple, showcase gig, youtube
Take It From Me by Edward Lapple Well time to pull up the rocking chair, break out the pipe and sit next to the cracker barrel… What the heck is a cracker barrel anyway? I can’t find one at Costco and it doesn’t sound as though it would be good for you… more »

The Littlest Rock Star - Tallan Noble Latz

  01/26/10 03:30, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, NAMM 2010 Music, BFMN Exclusive , Tags: 10-year-old, blues, dan grigor, guitar, guitarist, latz, littlekidsrock_org, littlest, namm, noble, rock, star, tallan, the t-man, ver2oso, youtube
by Dan GrigorOne of the coolest things that happened to me at NAMM 2010 was getting to know the little dynamo known as “The T-Man.” Tallan Noble Latz is a 10-year-old natural-born rock star. He plays the guitar with just the right… more »

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