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Twisted Sister Closes Bloodstock in Party Style

  08/28/10 23:11, by , Categories: Festivals and Events, BFMN Exclusive, Moonshayde Photography, Bands, Review , Tags: bfmn exclusive photos, bloodstock festival, dio, heavy metal, moonshayde photography, twisted sister
Twisted Sister at Bloodstock by Moonshayde

Following the cancellation of Heaven and Hell as the Sunday night headliner for the 2010 Bloodstock Open Air Festival (due to the sad passing of Ronnie James Dio), some thought that the selection of Twisted Sister as the band to close the heavy metal festival a rather strange one.

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With band names such as Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse, Bonded by Blood and others depicting the ultimate in death, thrash and doom metal, you might think the glamtastic overdone painted faces, spandex and ROCK of Twisted Sister would definitely be out of place at Bloodstock, but you’d be wrong!

Wearing less over-the-top costumes than a few years ago, Twisted Sister showed the 11,000 metalheads in attendance at Bloodstock just how to rock, old school.

“Captain Howdy” had young and old singing along, and the “sing-a-long with TS” continued through a set of classic hard rock. Props go to AJ Pero for a superb drum solo (almost as good as one I heard from legendary Carl Palmer that had the hairs on my arm standing up!) and many tears welled up in the audience at Twisted Sister’s tribute to Dio, “Long Live Rock N Roll.”

Twisted Sister had the metallers jumping, headbanging and dancing from start to finish. Best band of the festival? Most definitely, according to many I spoke with – including some young death metal fans who’d never heard of them before!

Twisted Sister closed Bloodstock 2010 in party style. Hopefully they’ll be back to the UK for a full tour in the very near future. Good choice, Mr. Gregory!!

SET LIST: Come Out And Play / The Kids Are Back / Stay Hungry / Captain Howdy / Shoot ‘em Down / You Cant Stop Rock And Roll / The Fire Still Burns / I Am, I’m Me / We’re Not Gonna Take It / The Price / Burn in Hell / (drum solo) / Burn in Hell (reprise) / I Wanna Rock / Under the Blade / Long Live Rock’n’Roll (Rainbow/Dio cover) / S.M.F

Click here to check out the photos by Moonshayde Photography of Twisted Sister and stay tuned for more great photosets from 2010 Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival!

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Great set of pics Moon! up close and personal!

We’re also talking about it at

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love those guys

08/29/10 @ 09:10

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