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Stanley Clarke Roxboro Label Launch Party at The Federal Bar

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Last night at the brand new Federal Bar in North Hollywood, we had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Stanley Clarke’s new Roxboro Entertainment label.

We had a great time, meeting all the new artists and listening to some of the best Jazz in the city.

Usually I’m not a Hollywood Event type of a guy. They mostly prefer it if you wear shoes. I brought a pair with me but, as it turns out, I was given special expressed permission by the Stanley Clarke team to be me. Delightful.

The Stanley Clarke Band

I don’t know what I was expecting. Hollywood Events, by reputation, are full of hangers-on and hipster douchebags. This was not the case. This night the room was full of talent and people who appreciate good music. People who came out to celebrate with Stanley, not just the launch of the label, but his two Grammy award nominations on The Stanley Clarke Band album (Best Contemporary Jazz Album and Best Pop Instrumental Performance on the tune No Mystery, written by Chick Corea). Celebrate we did. With good food, good booze and great music.

The show started about 10 and the new artists on the new label took the stage with gusto. Player after player got up on stage and one by one they tore it up.

We got to hang around in the green room and I managed to interview all four new artists before they went on. The excitement in there was palpable. The energy on the stage was contagious. Everyone there knew from the first note that we were in for something special.

After the artists performed there was an awesome JAM session where musicians who didn’t even know each other’s names were cutting loose. Guitar players and bass players, horn players and percussionists, keyboard players and, if you can believe this, a jazz tappist. That’s right a jazz tappist, I don’t know what else to call it. She popped up on stage with a well worn platform and tap danced jazz riffs as complicated and beautiful as any jazz pianist. She was apparently tireless and tapped out licks with the best of them throughout the evening. Awesome.

We have a great picture set and video to post. Maybe after breakfast. I’m exhausted.

The premiere artists on the Roxboro Entertainment Group label, from left: Kennard Ramsey and Lloyd Gregory, whose albums are already available through Roxboro and for digital download, and Sunnie Paxson and Ruslan Sirota, whose albums will be released in the Spring.

UPDATE from DanG:

Click here for a set of our photos from the party!

Just to whet your video appetite, here are some Tasty Riffs!



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Comment from: Sarah Reich  
Sarah Reich

Hey! My name is Sarah Reich, I am the tap dancer from the jam session. I had a great time at the party and was thrilled to meet Stanley Clarke!

01/30/11 @ 19:21
Comment from:

Hiya Sarah, you were awesome. What fun we had!

01/30/11 @ 20:46
Comment from: Ed Lapple
Ed Lapple

Sarah, I second that, I was the cameraman behind you most of the show and you were great and a ball of energy

02/07/11 @ 18:25