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The Angry Mix

  05/17/10 01:45, by , Categories: Welcome, BFMN Exclusive, Live Sound, Monday Morning Musical Musings, Paul Bourgeois , Tags: blue monsters, blues, gig, mix, music, sound
Paul BourgeoisOk! I’m going to rant and rave and complain about some technical problems the band “The Blue Monsters” has been having. Some people might find it instructive. I just need to get this crap out of my system before I explode.

Just so you understand, the sound man’s job is to set up the levels and actively monitor a gig because the songs keep changing. Sometimes certain instruments have different settings, are stronger in the mix, sometimes the vocals are softer, the dynamics are different. Sometimes there are harmonies. The sound man’s job is not to entertain girls and drink up the musician’s beer. So you are about to bear witness to an actual band problem right now! Enjoy.

Click to see the “technical” problem…

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San Diego Springfest 2010 Opens Yesterday with the USAF Mobility Band

  05/08/10 12:15, by , Categories: Festivals and Events, BFMN Exclusive, Live Sound, Bands , Tags: allied gardens, barefootmusicnews, dan grigor, mobility, san diego, springfest, usaf, wakitu

SpringFest in San Diego opened yesterday for two days of music and fun in the park. Allied Gardens was alive with the sounds of kids of all ages as Faded Natives opened the show. By the time Mobility hit the stage the beer garden was full and blankets and chairs emptied out onto the grass as people got up to dance.

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Sound Advice - Part 2- Live Sound Tips

  03/09/10 02:00, by , Categories: Electric, Sound, Live Sound , Tags: advice, great sound, guitar, jam at the cam, live, music, pa, peavey, sound, tips, xr-800_ alesis

Recently I wrote the first part in this mini-series about getting decent sound from a third-party sound crew. In Part 2 I’ll show that, in my experience, the way to have the best sound at the lowest volume is to let the sound guy control the mix.

If you can’t hear yourself on stage, that is a monitor problem, not an amp volume problem

Get his attention and say this, “I can’t hear my guitar. Should I turn my amp up or can you give me more monitor please?” You’ll likely get more monitor. If he tells you to turn your amp down, it is so you will appear to come out of both sides of the sound system, rather than heavy on the side where your amp is. This lets you blend in better with the entire band as you would on a CD. The house sound needs to be balanced so that the song sounds pretty much the same from all sides of the house.

The next time you find yourself reaching for the volume knob on your amp mid-performance, STOP! Ask the sound guy for more monitor instead. There is no way for him to make you sound good if he does not have control. He (not you) sets you in the mix, EQs you for the room and drops you into the sonic landscape like the little flower that you are.

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Hoping More than 40 Birds Play My Fender Strat

  02/16/10 03:38, by , Categories: Guitar, Electric, Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Sound, Live Sound , Tags: 40, barefoot, birds, c_leste boursier-mougenot, fende, gibson, grigor, guitar, music, paul, play, r les, strat, stratocaster, the curve

A couple of weeks ago we ran the story about the French artist who placed a Gibson Les Paul in an aviary. The video is mesmerizing. You can see the story here: 40-wild-birds-play-a-gibson-les-paul-guitar

From the moment I saw this I knew I had to try it. The next weekend we had rain; the weekend after that we had rain; this weekend was a holiday weekend. Holiday weekends bring loud boats to the lake and we needed quiet to record. Today the weather was beautiful. We put trays of birdseed and hung a feeder close to where the guitar will be placed.

This evening, before dark, we hung a strong rope from a tree and from that we hung the guitar in a plant hanger.

Click through for the first video of the setup.
Check here tomorrow for more.
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Sound Advice - Part 1- Live Sound Tips

  02/13/10 09:36, by , Categories: Sound, Live Sound , Tags: advice, great sound, guitar, jam at the cam, live, music, pa, peavey, sound, tips, xr-800_ alesis


I recently held a big party in my back yard, a two-day “JAM at the CAM.” I invited several bands and friends to spend the weekend playing music in the Southern California sun. It was as awesome as it sounds. We entertained my entire neighborhood and they were hollering over the fences for more. My friends had a great time and we mixed and matched and jammed out of our genres, out of our safe zones. Three generations of musicians, all flavors and colors and styles. It was a musical stretch on Labor Day weekend, the end of summer 2009, and it was great.

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Airwaves Auction Could Cost Wireless Users Dearly

  02/06/10 23:53, by , Categories: Music News, Sound, Live Sound , Tags: 700 mhz, barefootmusicnews, fcc, in-ear monitor, u2 360 tour, wireless bandwidth

A recent order from the Federal Communications Commission has mandated that artists, venues, theme parks and sports franchises will need to retune or phase out wireless components that operate in the 700 MHz band before June 12.

The FCC implies the changeover is largely a simple wireless microphone issue, but wireless microphones, wireless ear monitors and walkie-talkies, and a variety of remote-control devices could also be affected, costing the concert industry, among others, big money in retooling and headache relief.

David Skaff, a monitor engineer on U2’s 360 tour, said those costs probably won’t compare with the money the government will make selling off the 700 MHz airwaves.

The FCC has already set aside much of the band for public safety and wireless consumer services after a massive auction last year reportedly raised almost $20 billion for the use of those airwaves.

Dana Parker-McClain of Pollstar has the story


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