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Dark Globe “The Long Sleep” - A Reawakening

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A review by Steven Rask

The turn of the century has seen a resurgence of comebacks from bands that were once on top of their game. However, when a band decides to make a “comeback album,” most attempts fail. Most times, critics ask,  “Why the hell would we need another album by THESE guys?”  Rocky Erickson, Mission of Burma, Portishead, and Wire are among very few bands whose recent “comeback” attempts have met relative success. Conversely, if you’ve heard the latest by Guns and Roses (2008), The Stooges (2007), Devo (2010), or even The Who (2006), you might agree with the  “Why the hell…?” consensus. Although one might consider it a “return” rather than a “comeback,” The Long Sleep by San Diego rock band Dark Globe has many of the traits that put it into the first category, and make it a successful follow-up to an album that was released over two decades ago.

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Rock and Roll High School Reunion at the Casbah in San Diego

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A Review by Steven Rask
Photos by Kathleen Tolen

Being part of the San Diego music scene in the mid-1980s was a great time. Age 20-something, exploring life, getting a grip on reality while still coveting those youthful days just a few years ago. Everyone in the scene was either in a band, starting a band, or knew someone in the band. There was a kind of exclusivity amidst the crowd, and it was comfortable. As life continues, that scene slowly fades into the 9-5 grind, the responsibility of  family, and conversations with friends consist of “long time, no see” and “remember when?” Once in a while, there would be a revisit of those days with a one-night gig at the “old club,” and all would come together to catch up and relive a little bit of the glory days.

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Timely Recognition for Time-Honored Band

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by Steven Rask

If you study the history of rock bands, words like Devotion, Ethics, and Loyalty are rarely used in a positive sense, especially in Hollywood. Yet these words were the thesis of Donna Halper’s introduction speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony on June 25, 2010.

Donna Halper is credited as the catalyst to the inductee’s recognition in Hollywood, and also as the DJ who gave them their first radio airplay on WMMS in 1974. The inductees were none other than Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart of RUSH, and if you ask any one of their millions of fans, it’s about time.

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Beyond the Lighted Stage

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A Film Review by Steven Rask

Success is often measured on different levels. However it may be measured, true success is a result of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In 1974, a band of ordinary guys with extraordinary talent had just been signed to a record deal. They needed to replace their current drummer who was diagnosed with diabetes, because touring would have killed him. They found that drummer, and embarked on a career that most thought was doomed after their second album. 25 platinum albums, countless awards, and thousands of shows later, that band is still going, and this week released a film documenting a story of their success as the result of longevity, persistence, and uncompromising determination.

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