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A Chance Musical Encounter

  08/26/10 23:21, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Ed Lapple, Take It From Me , Tags: bfmn exclusive, ed lapple, recording industry, recording studio, ttg studios
Take It From Me by Edward Lapple I just had a chance encounter and long conversation with a fellow that I met at the Saugus Swap Meet. It was hotter than a biscuit out there and we had both ducked under a vendor’s EZ-Up which offered an oasis of… more »
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Classic Reverb Stories or “Do You Hear An Echo?"

  03/11/10 02:03, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Studio Sound, Monday Morning Musical Musings, Ed Lapple , Tags: albert collins, barefootmusicnews_com, cal worthington, eardrum, echo, edward lapple, recording studio, reverb, tom dowd
By Edward Lapple Reverb is the stuff of legends. It makes you seem bigger than you really are. The truth be told, almost all musicians like the sound of reverb. One trick that every recording engineer knows is, “Verb In The Cans.”… more »

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