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Lord of The Dance (The Runner, Part 3)

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Paul Bourgeois

On the fifth of September the voices came to him again. They told him to run away. If having money meant being tied to Mason then Paul would rather be free. All he needed was food and guitar strings, and Kirsti, the cabin girl, received a substantial amount to keep him in the cabin. So he just took a thousand Euros from the kitty and took a train to Helsinki. It was his money, anyway.

He still felt guilty for stealing, and he damned Mason for turning people into slaves, jailers and thieves.

Paul Castle had disappeared after a Platinum album. The world was furious. The people wanted a return for the fame they had given him. They wanted blood for the money they had paid him. Mason North had a press conference in Castle Studios.


Mason appeared on the big screen in the bar. “Could you turn that up,” Paul called to the bartender, a thin man in a long black coat and a devil’s goatee. The man ignored him, pretending not to understand English.  But when Paul Castle’s face blossomed on the screen, the face of the musical angel, and it was the same face as the foreigner in the bar who was yelling at him he scrambled with the remote and turned up the sound.

“Is Paul Castle dead?”

“What? No. No! You know, Jesus disappeared for forty days and nights when he was tested. I just think Paul is going through similar trials. But Paul loves the world. He would not abandon us. We just have to believe. We must have faith.”

“Do you know where Paul Castle is?”

“No, I can’t say where Paul is. He went away to work on his new album in seclusion. But wherever he is I am sure he knows that the best wishes of the world are with him.”

“What is he working on for the next album?”

Paul saw Mason smile on screen. A tiny smirk. The bastard. “Of course, I couldn’t tell you that either. What I can tell you is this. Paul once said to me, ‘Music can change the world, Mason. It makes bread from stone. It lifts you on angel’s wings. It unites us.’ All I can say is that Paul is a man of great spirit and his next album will be awesome!”

There were a flood of new questions. “What can we do to help!?” Mason waved them off.

“Thank you. Thank you. You can rest assured that Castle Studios is putting their full resources into returning Paul Castle to the world. Your letters are appreciated and if you would like to help you can contribute to the non-profit Paul Castle Save The World Fund on our website. Thank you. Goodbye.”


Paul had never said anything about stones and angels to Mason. He went back to his drink.

“You’re him, aren’t you?” the bartender said next to him.


“Paul Castle.”

“If I was Paul Castle then why would I be playing guitar in the local humpaa band down the street?”

“Do you want to play here?”

“I’ll ask our band leader.”

“No. I mean just you.”

Paul thought for a moment.

“How much?”

The bartender told him. He needed the money.

“Ok. Just don’t bill me as Paul Castle.”


To be continued…

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