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Lord of the Dance (Potato Chips and Chocolates, Part 4)

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Paul BourgeoisPaul was faint from hunger and he could hardly breathe, but he needed the money. His guitar was propped up beside his stool and microphone. Through the drinkers and smoke and noise he made his way to the stage. “Hello,” he said, “How are you tonight?”

“Castle, Castle, Castle.” They knew who he was.

He started to play. Young girls screamed. Bags of potato chips and chocolates surrounded him like offerings. He caught sight of the door. Mason came into the bar. The world spun and he fainted.


He woke in a small room, lying on a hard wooden floor, surrounded by chocolates and bags of potato chips. He tried to rise, but they seemed to hold him there, like chains. Young girls hovered about the corners of the rooms. Mystical symbols were painted on the walls. Mason stood over Paul and smiled

“Isn’t it strange how music works?” Mason said. “How magic works?”

“What have you done to me?”

“Me?” Mason smiled innocently. “This is the power of young warped minds. I’m only using that to find you and bring you here. ” He moved to one side. “The head of your fan club, The Paul Castle Cult.”

A fat thirteen-year-old girl approached the circle, wide-eyed, waving magic beads in front of her. She walked around him and splashed soda pop at four corners of the circle.

“You just don’t understand the power your music has over people. Your life is not your own, Paul. I told you I was working on something New Age for you for promotional purposes. Well, here it is. The power of millions of adolescent minds working their will over you. It is all really amazing, Paul.”

“What are you doing to me.”


“Nothing really. Tracy here is just casting a spell to ensure that you never get lost again. You mean too much to too many people for that to happen again. I was worried about you, Paul. But I must say your little disappearance made us a lot of money.”

“You bastard!”

Mason North smiled. “You signed a contract, Paul. And I promised I would take care of you.” Flames flickered in Mason’s eyes. His horns glistened. Paul sat up sadly and ate a chocolate bar. Mason’s laughter echoed.

The End

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