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Grand Vanity or How to Play at NAMM

  03/07/11 21:02, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, NAMM 2011, NAMM 2011 Music , Tags: dan grigor, grand vanity, jletb, john lennon, john lennon educational school bus, namm, wanna play
There is a really cool thing that happens every year at NAMM. It begins when the JLETB shows up and parks by the "Wanna Play" stage at the main drag entrance to the event. We've seen this stage fill up with some of the best talent NAMM has to offer… more »

World's First Global Musical Instrument Museum Opens in Phoenix

  04/26/10 18:15, by , Categories: Welcome, Music News , Tags: eric clapton, grand canyon, john lennon, mim, musical instrument museum, phoenix
After a visit to a musical instrument museum in Brussels, Belgium, former Target stores chairman Bob Ulrich had a dream to build a museum dedicated to musical instruments from around the world. That dream became a reality April 24, as a $250 million… more »