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Get Up, Get Out, and JAM, Part 3: Ponderosa Bar and Grill

  04/09/12 04:28, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues, BFMN Exclusive, Review, Dan Grigor, Video, Jam , Tags: dan grigor, jam, jam club, menifee, ponderosa bar and grill
It wouldn't be honest to just tell you success stories. Sometimes Jam nights don't work. It doesn't necessarily mean that it was a bad jam or a bad bar or a bad night. Sometimes there just isn't enough listeners to go around. Local Bar and Grill owners… more »

Get Up, Get Out, and JAM, Part 1: Swami's/Beach Grass Cafe

  03/06/12 12:25, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Review, Dan Grigor, Sound Advice, video , Tags: beach grass cafe, bud hamberg, call for info, dan grigor, if you don_t mind, jam
Sound Advice from Dan Grigor This is the first in what will be an ongoing effort to promote getting off the Internet, turning off your TV, putting your phone on vibrate and going out and playing some music with people you don't know. It can be wildly entertaining and, as you make m… more »

Harmonica Made Easy... Yeah, Right...

  11/29/10 00:42, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Monday Morning Musical Musings, Paul Bourgeois , Tags: dan grigor, dorian, harmonica, ionian, jam, keys, mixolydian, modes, paul bourgeois
Musical Musings with Paul Bourgeois Ladies and Gentlemen, I am massively confused when it comes to theory. I hate theory. I once went to a jam and sat down with another harp player. I’d brought all my different harps to show off. He gawked… more »

A Little Monday Morning Blues - with Grigor, Lapple and OBrien

  04/12/10 01:49, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues, Guitar Players , Tags: barefootmusicnews_com, dan grigor, edward lapple, jam, monday morning blues, republic guitar, shane o_brien
I found another take from a JAM with Ed and Shane. We were all done with a video shoot and just hanging around drinking bud from a can and playing some blues. I love that little Republic guitar of his. I covet it. Not one like it. It. Sweet little… more »

Sharing with Shane - Dan Grigor and Shane O'Brien videos

  03/19/10 04:07, by , Categories: Artist Interviews, BFMN Exclusive, Guitar Players , Tags: blues, cam, dan grigor, ed lapple, frank catfish butler, jam, jamming, lakeelsinorecam, shane o_brien, the original one
Sometime in 2009, right before my annual JAM at the CAM over at, my good friend insists I have to meet this guy Shane. He says to me he is going to bring him to the party and he's gonna knock my socks off. He was right. From the fi… more »