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Heart Rocks Harrahs Rincon, BFMN Was There

  05/30/10 14:57, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Bands, Dan Grigor, Featured Artist , Tags: ann wilson, barefootmusicnews, craig bartok, dan grigor, debbie shair, heart, kristian attard, nancy wilson

Went to see Heart perform at Harrah’s Rincon and got our socks knocked clean off (those of us who indulge in wearing them)! Ann and Nancy Wilson thrilled their very loyal and responsive fans with past favorites and a few songs off their upcoming “Red Velvet Car” release.

Several of the bandmembers – Debbie Shair (keyboards, vocals and percussion), Craig Bartok (guitar) and Kristian Attard (bass) – generously gave us some time for conversation after the show. This is just a teaser, as the staff is indulging in a Blues JAM at the CAM!

So click through and come back soon!

Craig Bartok, Debbie Shair and Kristian Attard join BFMN’s Dan Grigor


More photos, review and interview coming right up; Stay Tuned!

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