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Day One from GuilFest

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by Moon

The 20th anniversary of GuilFest arrived sunny & warm with a diverse line-up of 150 bands – enough genres of music to keep just about everyone, young & old, happy.

Having found a space in the campsite (with free parking close by) it was time to go and find out what GuilFest was offering us today. The festival site was already filling up, the 150-foot-long bar, no surprise, was a busy place.

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Department S

We found we’d arrived too late to catch Voodoo Johnson (sorry guys!) but managed to see Department S in the Vive Le Rock tent which was given over to Punk and Ska for the weekend


We caught The Rifles on the Main Stage, along with GoGoBot (who had travelled all the way down from Scotland) before Echo & The Bunnymen.

Pint Shot Riot

My BFMN photo-compatriot Ben Smith managed to catch Pint Shot Riot where they were lighting up the stage called The Big Cheese Cave.

Roger Daltrey

The crowds gathered in front of the two largest stages for Roger Daltrey and Adam Ant. Mr. Daltrey suffered from sound/technical problems but kept the crowd smiling with many classics from The Who along with songs from that ultimate rock opera, Tommy“Pinball Wizard” keeping the aging rockers amongst us happy!

Adam Ant

Having seen many faces painted with ‘ant stripes’ when we arrived (including the faces of some of the security staff!) and people dressed up like Prince Charming we rushed over to catch Adam Ant in action along with his lovely posse – and we were so glad we did! Adam stood and delivered in fine form – the crowd singing along as if it was the 1980s again. Adam Ant was the band of the day – and ended up being the band of the festival for us!

Stay Tuned for Saturday and Sunday from GuilFest!


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Department S
Pint Shot Riot

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