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Dan Grigor Gets Shot in the Head

  11/16/11 18:44, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Sound Advice , Tags: feedback, grigor, iem, in-ear monitors, jerry harvey, jh audio, noise cancellation
I've had another adventure I'd like to share with you. I now have a custom set of JHAudio In Ear Monitors and I gotta tell you it has been a wild ride but the sound... the sound... it is as clear as a bell. Every nuance, every note, every r… more »

Monday Morning Blues with Dan Grigor and the Green Screen Trio

  06/28/10 03:14, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues, Dan Grigor , Tags: 12 bar, 12-string, am, barefoot, bass, blues guitar, e, e7, grigor, monday morning blues, pentatonic
This video really isn't so much green screen as it it composite but it was still a challenge to shoot and edit. Once we had a setup with the jib and the lights and the background that we liked it took, on and off, 4 days to edit the 6-camera, 2-day shoot… more »

Dear Daddy, What would you say to your Dad today if you could

  06/19/10 20:12, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor , Tags: dad, daddy, fark, fark_com, father_s day, flamenco, grigor, guitar, music_ father_s day poems
The best thing my Dad ever did for me was buy me a guitar. He was kind of a mess otherwise. My folks split when I was rather young.  For a while Wednesday visitation with my Dad was spent driving to the city and taking Flamenco guitar lessons. The memor… more »

BFMN Exclusive Interview with Jason Cale, USAF Mobility Band Guitarist

  05/23/10 02:30, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, NAMM 2010 Music, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor , Tags: barefoot, bfmn, exclusive, grigor, jason cale, mobility band, namm 2010, travis afb, usaf
by Dan Grigor By the third day of NAMM I was exhausted. NAMM was a nonstop run for us. I got there first and, suffice to say, I was not yet wide awake. I was making a beeline to the coffee in the press room as I walked through the door. I went through… more »

BFMN is Pleased to Introduce Dimples, Our Seattle Photog

  05/10/10 17:14, by , Categories: Welcome, BareFoot Fotogs, Dimples , Tags: digital effects, dimples, grigor, nikon, no edit photo, seattle
Josh “Dimples” Grigor – otherwise known as Dan’s youngest son – owns and is the principle photographer for No Edit Photo in Seattle, WA. With a photo style he describes as “helping you see the music,” he paints with light and… more »

From NAMM 2010 The USAF Band of The Golden West, Mobility Band

  04/27/10 16:22, by , Categories: NAMM 2010, NAMM 2010 Music, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor , Tags: 2010, air force, band, barefoot, exclusive, grigor, michael jackson, mobility, music, namm, usaf
by Dan Grigor By the third day of NAMM 2010 everyone is either hung over, exhausted, or so chipper way too early in the morning that you just want to smack them.  Suffice to say, I was not the chipper guy and I was seriously looking for a coffee fix… more »

Not Locomotion, Its Self Promotion

  04/10/10 02:03, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Take It From Me, Bands , Tags: band, barefootmusicnews, cd, ep, grigor, lapple, showcase gig, youtube
Take It From Me by Edward Lapple Well time to pull up the rocking chair, break out the pipe and sit next to the cracker barrel… What the heck is a cracker barrel anyway? I can’t find one at Costco and it doesn’t sound as though it would be good for you… more »



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