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Part Two of a Fascinating Conversation with Bassist Stanley Clarke

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To meet Stanley Clarke is one thing, to get to play music with him is entirely different. He’s really not that much older than me but I’ve been listening to his music since I was a kid. Musically he added a whole new dimension for me to play with at a time when I was really bored with riff rock bands and the pentatonic blues. Somehow him stepping out in front as the bass player encouraged me to be… Me more. Does that make sense? After listening to Return to Forever songs and the Stanley Clarke Band, I felt like I no longer had to try and make my music sound like everyone else’s.

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Click through for Part Two and see Dan Grigor and Stanley Clarke play Run

Sitting down there on the couch with Stanley and his dog, I had no idea what song I was going to play. I wasn’t nervous so much as I was thinking too much. He has played with everyone, conducted orchestras, produced, directed and hung out with the best musicians on the planet.

It was a little intimidating to play my song, being very aware of those that had come before, aware we cross over a bit but are different-genre players. I wanted it to be fun for him too. There are some musicians that are just a joy to play with. It’s a vibe thang. Know what I mean?

By studying Stanley’s music I learned not just from him but also from those he studied. I learned from all the artists who played on his records and the folks that taught them how to play. He talks about the influence Chick Corea had on his life and how the changes he went through got him here.

Starting his own music label, Roxboro Entertainment, is the next phase in the prolific career of this astute musician and businessman. Again, he has made opportunities happen, now as Executive Producer, bringing stellar musicians into the spotlight.

At the label launch party we met the first four artists on the Roxboro Entertainment Group label:  Kennard Ramsey and Lloyd Gregory, whose albums are already available through Roxboro and for digital download, and Sunnie Paxson and Ruslan Sirota, whose albums will be released in the Spring.

We got to hear them play. Let me just say that Stanley Clarke knows good music when he hears it. Their consummate professionalism is reflected in the caliber of their play and the quality of the recordings produced by Roxboro and Stanley.

Thank you my new/old friend for sitting down and playing with me. It was a thrill I will never forget.

DanG says:

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Bookmark this link to our Entire BFMN Stanley Clarke Collection which will be updated to contain the interview and videos from the launch party.


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Comment from: BT

Lucky! Stanley is a monster.
Hope a few kids growing up will discover his music and talent.

02/05/11 @ 13:46

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