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Practice Makes Perfect

  08/13/10 00:40, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Ed Lapple, Take It From Me, Bands , Tags: edward lapple, freddie ravel, musical director, practice leader, zig ziglar
Take It From Me by Edward Lapple Band practice. Boy, that sounds like work, and they are. You’re thinking, “I’ve got to get to practice, what a bore.” You just want to get out on stage and be a star, right? But we all know that… more »

Wild Tricks - Les Paul and Beyond

  06/09/10 00:32, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Sound, Studio Sound, Ed Lapple, Take It From Me , Tags: bfmn exclusive, edward lapple, joe walsh, les paul, take it from me
Take It From Me by Edward Lapple Wild tricks in the recording studio are the stuff of legend. Musicians in the know will whisper about how the latest hottie got his sound. Ever since Les Paul invented the multi-track tape recorder, there have been… more »

Let’s Have a Level Playing Field

  05/25/10 15:52, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive , Tags: amplifier, distortion, ear method, edward lapple, signal path, signal to noise level
by Edward Lapple If you are going to record your music, you need to know the basics of proper level setting. Say that you want to record your guitar. What would the signal path be? Well, the strings vibrate over a magnetic pickup; the output… more »
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A Little Monday Morning Blues - with Grigor, Lapple and OBrien

  04/12/10 01:49, by , Categories: Monday Morning Blues, Guitar Players , Tags: barefootmusicnews_com, dan grigor, edward lapple, jam, monday morning blues, republic guitar, shane o_brien
I found another take from a JAM with Ed and Shane. We were all done with a video shoot and just hanging around drinking bud from a can and playing some blues. I love that little Republic guitar of his. I covet it. Not one like it. It. Sweet little… more »

Silent Sideman and the Lucky Break

  04/04/10 02:01, by , Categories: Ed Lapple, Take It From Me , Tags: background makes foreground, barefootmusicnews_com, edward lapple, robert evans, shane o_brien, sideman
Take It From Me by Edward Lapple I hope that you have had the time to view the Shane O’Brien interview. Shane’s a great guy and he is the epitome of a working, local musician. One of the concepts that Shane touched on was what he referred to as a… more »

Classic Reverb Stories or “Do You Hear An Echo?"

  03/11/10 02:03, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Studio Sound, Monday Morning Musical Musings, Ed Lapple , Tags: albert collins, barefootmusicnews_com, cal worthington, eardrum, echo, edward lapple, recording studio, reverb, tom dowd
By Edward Lapple Reverb is the stuff of legends. It makes you seem bigger than you really are. The truth be told, almost all musicians like the sound of reverb. One trick that every recording engineer knows is, “Verb In The Cans.”… more »

Why You Mix in the Morning and Not at Night

  03/02/10 21:16, by , Categories: Sound, Studio Sound, Ed Lapple, Take It From Me , Tags: barefootmusicnews, dan grigor, edward lapple, fatigue, fletcher-munson curve, frequencies, hearing, midrange, mixing, monitor speakers, sound recording
By Edward Lapple If you are like most musicians that have recorded and mixed their own songs, you have probably experienced this. You finish your session late at night and then you do a killer mix. It sounds great and you are thrilled. Thrilled, that… more »